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March 20th, 2024 Mature Content

Navigating the Ethics of Animal Love in a Meat-Eating World

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  1. Navigating the Ethics of Animal Love in a Meat-Eating World Carly Jean Puch 23:49

How do we reconcile our love for pets with the animals on our plates? This episode peels back the layers of cognitive dissonance that shroud our relationship with animals, inviting you into a space of personal discovery and societal critique. As your host, I share my own evolution in understanding the contradictions between the animals we call family and those we consume. Join me in questioning the societal conditioning that dictates our affections and appetites, and discover how confronting these uncomfortable truths can lead us toward more consistent and compassionate living.

Venture further into the ethical labyrinth of our food systems, where I dissect the tangled roots of animal agriculture and its historical ties to colonialism. I don’t cast blame on subsistence hunters and fishers; instead, I spotlight the broader systemic injustices that permeate our food choices. I also share my own experience growing up hunting and fishing before deciding to go vegan.

Learn why adopting a plant-based diet might not just be a personal preference but a necessary step for sustainable living, and how embracing the unease that comes with change can be a catalyst for global transformation.

The source mentioned: What is Cognitive Dissonance?

As I stumbled through the perils of answering the ultimate question, "what do you want to do with your life?" I knew somehow my answer would incorporate helping others. This translated into paths that, when I tuned into the universe, I realized were very connected. (Funny how that always happens!)

People are complicated, messy, and layered with identities. So is this space. I am a meditation enthusiast that sits in quietness every morning and a lover of blasting 90's hip-hop at full volume. I'm a gym rat and a yoga instructor. I am both learner and a teacher. We are all many things. Together we can make them all work.

I love to share all the things I'm learning along the way. Learning how to be your most fabulous self but being honest about how damn hard and messy it can be along the way lets you speak your truth. It allows you to best use your voice for the causes that matter to you. Let's get healthy and change the world together!

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