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  1. Do Environmentalists Have Veganphobia? Exploring Intersecting Social Movements with Corey Lee Wrenn Carly Jean Puch 59:38

Why do environmentalists have veganphobia? What’s the disconnect? And why does the vegan movement need feminism? Do you have to watch graphic animal agriculture footage to be a “real” vegan?

These questions and more are answered in my conversation with Corey Lee Wrenn, a notable sociology professor from the University of Kent. Our heartfelt discussion unwraps the complex layers of empathy, personal accountability, and the broader implications of our dietary choices on the living world around us.

As the dialogue unfolds, it’s not just about food, but the intersection of academic research and honest advocacy—a blend that shapes my journey from social justice to a pointed focus on environmental and animal rights. Corey and I traverse the challenging landscape of academia, where the quest for truth often grapples with the constraints of funding and institutional biases, especially when tackling subjects like animal agriculture’s impact on the planet.

Our exchange takes on a collective spirit as we address the diverse motivations that inspire individuals to embrace veganism, from personal health to the stark realities of systemic oppression and environmental degradation. We dissect the use of graphic imagery in advocacy, weighing its powerful message against its emotional fallout, and pledge to the necessity of Self-Care and community support within the activism sphere.

Guest bio: Dr. Corey Lee Wrenn is a Lecturer of Sociology at the School of Social Policy, Sociology, and Social Research at the University of Kent and co-director of the Centre for the Study of Social and Political Movements. Get in touch with Dr. Wrenn on her website and Instagram.

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