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May 1st, 2024 Mature Content

Consciously Cannabis – Unraveling the Ties Between Conviction, Cannabis, and Social Equity with Terrence White

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  1. Consciously Cannabis - Unraveling the Ties Between Conviction, Cannabis, and Social Equity with Terrence White Carly Jean Puch 46:08

Discover the unexpected narrative of luxury dispensary owner, Terrence White, in Washington D.C. with a past that’s as complex as the cannabis legislation they navigate. Their tale, set against a backdrop of a schoolteacher mother and drug dealer father, unfolds revealing the sharp contrasts and transformative moments that fueled a passion for advocacy. Walk with us through the murky waters of D.C.’s Initiative 71, the gifting loophole, and the battle for policy change that champions racial justice and inclusion in the cannabis industry.

Feel the weight of history and the promise of progress as we examine the impact of cannabis legalization across the United States. From the disparities in cannabis laws between neighboring states like Maryland and D.C., to the federal and state legislative tug-of-war, this episode peels back the layers of the socio-economic effects of cannabis. Terrence’s commitment to social equity and his work as chairman of the I-71 committee underscores the need for a united front in the ongoing struggle for a more inclusive and equitable cannabis landscape.

The scars of systemic racism in cannabis laws run deep, and this episode shares about the harsh realities faced by communities of color. By retracing the origins of cannabis prohibition and discussing its role in perpetuating poverty and mass incarceration, this conversation brings to light the long-term societal costs. The poignant personal stories of reintegration post-incarceration from our Terrence, further highlight the urgency for reform and the importance of conscious cannabis consumption. Join us for an episode that’s as enlightening as it is heartfelt, and remember to check out our bonus content for a more personal look at the world of conscious cannabis consumption.

Guest Bio: Terrence White is a luminary in the cannabis and policy spaces, the chairman of the I-71 committee, and the proud owner and CEO of Monko, a luxury cannabis experience in the heart of Washington D.C., along with its vertically integrated cultivation brand Pleasant Hill Wellness. With an unwavering commitment to business excellence and social justice, Terrence is a prominent force in shaping the evolving landscape of cannabis regulation. A returned citizen, Terrence champions correcting the disproportionate impact of cannabis criminalization on marginalized communities. He is a fervent advocate for social justice within the industry. While establishing Monko as the premier destination for cannabis enthusiasts seeking an elevated experience, he’s redefining cannabis in the place it matters most, the nation’s capital. Prior to his work in cannabis retailing and lobbying, Terrence worked extensively in the real estate industry. During that time he was involved in over $400 million of real estate transactions and founded three successful companies: Swiss Investment Group, Eagle One Consulting, and Urban 360. Terrence resides in Washington D.C. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina. For more information, please visit:

As I stumbled through the perils of answering the ultimate question, "what do you want to do with your life?" I knew somehow my answer would incorporate helping others. This translated into paths that, when I tuned into the universe, I realized were very connected. (Funny how that always happens!)

People are complicated, messy, and layered with identities. So is this space. I am a meditation enthusiast that sits in quietness every morning and a lover of blasting 90's hip-hop at full volume. I'm a gym rat and a yoga instructor. I am both learner and a teacher. We are all many things. Together we can make them all work.

I love to share all the things I'm learning along the way. Learning how to be your most fabulous self but being honest about how damn hard and messy it can be along the way lets you speak your truth. It allows you to best use your voice for the causes that matter to you. Let's get healthy and change the world together!

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