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  1. Challenging Consumerism: The Holiday Edition with Calen Otto 15:09

For the next few weeks, “solo episodes” will include Calen Otto! Carly and Calen will be busting myths about sustainable and vegan living in bite-sized episodes.

Ready to equip yourself with knowledge and practical strategies to navigate the intense consumption pressure that comes with the holiday season? Prepare to be enlightened as Carly and Calen bring their guidance on conscious purchases, unraveling the tangles of greenwashing, and making choices that harmoniously align with your well-being and the planet's health. Get set to uncover, rethink, and challenge the norms around our consumer-driven world!

Transitioning into the realm of holiday gift-giving, Carly and Calen candidly share their personal narratives, underlining the charm of experiences and handmade gifts. They throw light on the significance of open conversations about gift expectations, and the exciting exploration of sustainable and secondhand options. This episode is a warm invitation to re-evaluate and transform your gift-giving habits into a more sustainable and meaningful practice. So, instead of succumbing to the usual pressure, let's focus on what truly matters – showing our love and cherishing quality time with our loved ones this holiday season!

Guest Bio: 

Calen Ann Otto is a queer, anti-speciesist travel blogger who explores the big wide world on a very small budget. After completing a solo trip across the USA at the age of 19 with only $300 and a bike, Calen discovered that there are so many alternative ways to travel that cost less.

Inspired by their love of meeting strangers and sharing their incredible stories, Calen created the Unruly Travel blog. There they share photos, videos, articles, and podcast episodes from their unique travels in hopes to inspire others to get out and grow. Calen has been to 5 continents, 35 states, 20 National Parks, and more than 20 countries as a vegan and is passionate about doing the least amount of harm wherever they go. They wrote and published 'The Art Of Unruly Travel On A Budget' travel guidebook to make travel more accessible to all. 

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