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The Changing Political Preferences among Black Voters with Philip Blackett

  1. The Changing Political Preferences among Black Voters with Philip Blackett Jennifer Arvin Furlong 59:46

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Can political and personal conversations coexist without conflict? Discover the surprising insights of Philip Blackett, an accomplished author and entrepreneur, on the Communication TwentyFourSeven podcast. Philip’s transformation from liberal to conservative, influenced heavily by his Christian faith, offers a unique perspective on the changing political preferences among Black voters leading up to the 2024 elections. His book, “Disagree Without Disrespect,” serves as a guide for those looking to engage in meaningful discussions without sacrificing relationships—a must-listen for anyone navigating today's polarized climate.

As we look into the shifting media landscape, we scrutinize the role of social and mainstream media in shaping public discourse. The democratization of information through social media has not only empowered voices but has also fostered negative behaviors like anonymous trolling and sensationalism. This segment explores how the competitive media environment has eroded public trust and contributed to societal polarization, urging a reevaluation of how we consume and engage with news.

Looking to the future, we discuss the Republican Party's strategy beyond the 2024 elections. With growing support from Black and Hispanic voters, Philip Blackett underscores the importance of focused outreach and developing a pipeline of future leaders. We emphasize the need for a shared set of values and principles that transcend identity politics, aiming to build a diverse coalition united by common beliefs. Tune in for thought-provoking perspectives and actionable insights on the evolving political landscape.

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Jennifer Furlong Author | Podcaster | Speaker | Communication Ace

Jennifer Arvin Furlong (aka Jen) is a communication and media specialist who has kept one foot on the professional side of the industry for three decades and the other foot on the academic side teaching communication and public speaking for almost two of those decades. She is an author, speaker, media literacy advocate, and Marine Corps veteran. Nowadays she stays busy as the Communications Director for Ad Fontes Media, as Board President for Media Literacy Now, as a speaker coach for TEDxSavannah, and as the host of the Communication TwentyFourSeven podcast, “where we communicate about how we communicate.”

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