1. Dissecting the Roots of Political Tribalism: Bridging Divides with Mike Anderson Jennifer Arvin Furlong 1:02:30

Discover what happens when political allegiances turn into tribal warfare in our society, with insights from historian and political analyst Mike Anderson. As we navigate through the murky waters of political tribalism, Mike, with his IT acumen and passion for history, helps us understand the corrosive effects it has on our democracy and social fabric. Together, we examine the importance of bridging divides and engaging in critical thinking, rather than blind loyalty to political factions.

We tackle the tough conversations around our political differences and how they can lead to social progress. Language plays a pivotal role in debates such as gun safety, with the potential to unite or divide us. We consider how our political leanings shape our relationships and delve into the psychology and genetics that mold our political orientations. Understanding this delicate balance between change and stability is key, and we explore how education and collaboration can guide us toward solutions that transcend our current political impasse. Join us as we encourage a deeper intellectual engagement in politics for the betterment of our nation.

If you like reading about history, debating politics, delving into what makes people “tick,” or just want to understand how civilization has gotten to this point, you'll enjoy these books by Michael Anderson.

The Progressive Gene, How Genetics Influences the Morality of the Left
Tribalism: The Curse of 21st Century America
The Conservative Gene, How Genetics Shape the Complex Morality of Conservatives

For conflict resolution, read: Holding the Calm by Hesha Abrams

Mentioned in this episode: The Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukainoff and Jonathan Haidt

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Jennifer Arvin Furlong (aka Jen) is a communication and media specialist who has kept one foot on the professional side of the industry for three decades and the other foot on the academic side teaching communication and public speaking for almost two of those decades. She is an author, speaker, media literacy advocate, and Marine Corps veteran. Nowadays she stays busy as the Communications Director for Ad Fontes Media, as Board President for Media Literacy Now, as a speaker coach for TEDxSavannah, and as the host of the Communication TwentyFourSeven podcast, “where we communicate about how we communicate.”