1. Life After Debt CentsAble Chat 6:53

Is there really life after debt? Absolutely! But what does that mean? Never spending? Never using credit? Only saving? Life after debt means freedom, but it also means responsibility. What you do with that freedom will impact the rest of your life! “CentsAble” Bobbi shares ideas for building security & momentum in your life once the debt is gone.

Bobbi Olson Budget Coach & Host of the CentsAble Chat Podcast

After years of producing a financial radio show focused on managing million dollar portfolios, I realized that the strategies, concepts and ideas would work for any budget, and learned the basics of managing money.

It was easier than I ever thought it could be, and I’m now debt–free! I’m excited to share what I’ve learned and hear your stories, as we all strive to lead CentsAble lives!​