1. Ep #106: Trever Acers: The Art of Business Valuation: Keys to Unlocking Cash-Out Opportunities Beate Chelette 32:04

In the recent episode of the Business Growth Architect podcast we are featuring Trever Acers, the CEO of Objective Investment Banking. Our topic focuses on business exit strategies and optimizing the value of a business sale. Acers emphasized the importance of both quantitative and qualitative aspects when planning an exit strategy.


On the quantitative front, the focus is on after-tax cash in hand, an important factor in evaluating the financial outcome of your business sale. The key is for you to not just consider cash at closing but the longer term implications after-tax proceeds over subsequent years. Often around potential holdbacks and their impact on your overall financial picture.


In addressing the qualitative aspects, Acers highlighted an often misunderstood negotiation tool that is around personal objectives and setting clear expectations. He pointed out that many business owners express dissatisfaction post-transaction, often tied to non-financial factors such as acquirer behavior, personnel treatment, culture clashes, and the overall impact on the seller’s legacy. Articulating and negotiating these qualitative requirements is vital for a successful and fulfilling business sale.


The insights from this episode are valuable for navigating the complex process of evaluating your exit strategy, providing guidance on unlocking your hidden cash-out opportunities and maximizing the value of your business sale.



Resources Mentioned:

Trever Acers: Website | LinkedIn

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