Javier Vazquez is a 5th degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, former professional MMA fighter and veteran of the UFC, WEC, ELITE XC, SHOOTO, KOTC, EBI, & ADCC.

Javier is the creator of the groundbreaking JVOS curriculum. Javier discusses why his "The Master Plan" is a complete training system of self-defense that will revolutionize how BJJ is taught.

Javier describes how JVOS addresses the limitations of traditional training, sharing insights into JVOS’ inception and the impact its having in the BJJ community.

Javier’s story goes beyond the mats. He opens up about his fierce battle against stage 3 colon cancer and how he defied the odds by implementing Gerson Therapy, against his physician’s wishes, and cured himself of stage 3 colon cancer.

Javier and I discuss why he is on a mission to reshape Jiu-Jitsu as we know it. He discusses his vision for revolutionizing the art of BJJ, challenging the traditional norms, and inspiring practitioners to embrace innovation to "Change Jiu Jitsu Forever."

The JVOS (Javier Vazquez Operating System) is at the forefront of this movement, and through Javier’s stories and insights, we glimpse a future where BJJ evolves and empowers a new generation of fighters

"Life is Built, Not Born."

Joe Ciccarone


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