1. Usurper Kings Poetry Collection by Sapha Burnell Daniel Lucas 40:18

“From her amazingly visceral opening of Let There Be Light to her final haunting echo in the book’s epilogue, Burnell’s voice jumps off the page, much like a microphone-wielding circus MC standing centre ring. [Usurper Kings is] a work of breathtakingly beautiful discovery.” Kevin Hogan

Sapha Burnell’s stellar poetry collection inspects the feminine through time.

From act I’s genesis and the search for meaning within the hunter gatherer mindset, to the existential singularity of a transhumanist future, Usurper Kings is a mind bending cerebral and emotionally rebellious series of poems.

Infinitely feminine, mighty and sometimes rebellious, the essence of Usurper Kings is the search to remember feminine might and discover the power to take it back.

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