1. The Dirty Network by A.M. Halvorssen Daniel Lucas 31:57

Available on Amazon and leading online bookstores worldwide. A Moroccan journalist stumbles upon a story that can make or break her career…and her life. Zakia Karim receives a request to meet a former boyfriend, Elias, who works for an oil and gas company in Morocco. She doesn’t respond because her long-distance marriage to an American is already hanging by a thread. Less than a week later, Elias is incinerated in a fracking incident, which may not be an accident. She discovers the oil and gas company is cutting shady deals with someone in the government. The closer Zakia gets to the truth, the more danger she encounters. For security reasons, her family moves to the United States. But when she is accused of murdering a Scottish climate scientist in Iceland, Zakia must uncover the truth about the conspiracy, the Dirty Network, to save herself.

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