1. Sailing into Seniority and asking, "What's in a Name?" Bill Monty 12:38

Welcome back, folks! Season 2 of Bill Monty's Guide for Getting Older is here, and I'm your host, Bill Monty, ready to sprinkle some humor into our conversations about the golden years. As we flip the calendar to February, we not only indulge in Valentine's sweets but also honor the profound contributions of African Americans during Black History Month. I'll share tales of love and legacy that remind us why this month is more than just a page in a calendar. In this season, we're taking your feedback to heart with a lighter touch, so prepare for stories that will tickle your funny bone while delivering the wisdom only life can teach us. 

Navigating the ocean of aging doesn't have to be a solo voyage. That's why we're diving into the treasure chest of resources over at babyboomer.org.

In today's episode, I'll guide you through podcasts like “Tales from South Florida,” and of course, this trusty guide, providing you with a compass to steer through topics like financial planning and caregiving. With a crew of over 479 podcasters and contributors, we're building a community that shares in the journey of aging with grace and gusto. So, let's raise the sails and set course for a season filled with camaraderie, insight, and a daily dose of kindness.

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William Montgomery Podcaster, Entertainment professional, Senior expert. Florida native

Bill Monty, an entertainment veteran with over 30 years of experience in stage, commercial/film voice overs, radio broadcasting, and host of the podcasts Bill Monty's Guide for Getting Older and Tales from South Florida, brings his diverse background to a fun and informative look at the aging experience as well as the place he has called home for 60 years.