1. Ageism, Long COVID and Senior Moments Bill Monty 23:28

Battling long COVID isn't just a personal health issue—it's become a crisis stretching across the nation, touching lives and economies. Join me, Bill Monty, as I recount my own skirmish with this formidable foe, and how it mirrors a growing public challenge that's snagging headlines and Senate committee meetings alike.
From the persistence of debilitating symptoms to the hurdles in healthcare and the haunting economic repercussions, this episode lays bare the true cost of long COVID and the pressing need for both recognition and action.

Then let's toast to the vintage years, where wisdom and wit become our trusted companions. Here's where I share my journey—complete with senior moments and the fight against the subtle sting of ageism. It's a reflection on the sweetness of aging, sprinkled with humor and seasoned with advocacy for dignity and respect. Whether you're navigating the tranquil waters of Retirement or facing the stormy seas of job discrimination, this episode offers a hearty blend of stories and solutions, inviting listeners to embrace the rich tapestry of later life with open arms and a zest for the days ahead.

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William Montgomery Podcaster, Entertainment professional, Senior expert. Florida native

Bill Monty, an entertainment veteran with over 30 years of experience in stage, commercial/film voice overs, radio broadcasting, and host of the podcasts Bill Monty's Guide for Getting Older and Tales from South Florida, brings his diverse background to a fun and informative look at the aging experience as well as the place he has called home for 60 years.