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September 6th, 2019

How to Survive a Merger – Jennifer Fondrevay

  1. How to Survive a Merger - Jennifer Fondrevay Behind The Numbers 24:16

Dave Bookbinder goes Behind The Numbers with Jennifer Fondrevay, Founder of the M&A Consulting Firm, Day 1 Ready.  Jennifer is also the author of Now What? A Survivor’s Guide for Thriving Through Mergers and Acquisitions

In this episode we discuss why more than 75% of M&A transactions don’t actually produce their planned synergies and how to make M&A more successful.

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Dave is on a mission to change the conversation about how the accounting world recognizes the value of people’s contributions to a business enterprise and to validate what every CEO on the planet claims: “Our people are this company’s most valuable asset.”

Dave is a corporate finance executive with a focus on business and intellectual property valuation. Known as a collaborative adviser, Dave has served thousands of client companies of all sizes and industries.

Dave is the author of two #1 best-selling books about the impact of human capital (PEOPLE!) on the valuation of a business enterprise called The NEW ROI: Return On Individuals & The NEW ROI: Going Behind The Numbers.

Dave is also the host of Behind The Numbers, the business talk show that digs deeper to understand what matters most in business. The show is enjoyed in 74 countries and ranks in the top 3% of all programs globally.

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