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Navigating Waves of Change A Writer's Tale of Sailing, Sobriety, and Self-Discovery – Paul Trammell : 130

  1. Navigating Waves of Change A Writer's Tale of Sailing, Sobriety, and Self-Discovery - Paul Trammell : 130 Daniela Stockfleth-Menis 42:02

Paul Trammell is a seasoned writer and artist who lives on his sailing boat in the peaceful waters of Bocas del Toro, Panama. His story is one of transformation, describing his journey from a life steeped in music and art to finding solace in sobriety and the vast horizons of the sea.

Throughout his story, Paul delves into the different layers of his life, sharing the vivid colours of his paintings, the rhythmic beats of his musical career, and the creative process behind his literary works. His books, such as “Alcoholics Not Anonymous: A Modern Way to Quit Drinking” and “Becoming a Sailor,” explore minimalist living and discovering joy from being free from material wealth, highlighting the essence of true happiness and purpose.

As the conversation shifts to the craft of writing, Paul describes his disciplined approach to the art that has led to a diverse portfolio spanning genres from self-help to poetry. His journey celebrates the courage to redefine one's path and find fulfillment in the unexpected chapters of our own stories.

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