1. Ep. 82: Riana Milne, Life, Love Trauma Recovery & Mindset Coach Kate Cherichello 40:22

This week’s guest on Be The Good with Kate, Coach Riana Milne, was Selected as “One of the Top Coaches to Follow in 2022” by Wealth Insider Magazine and is also featured in FORBES Magazine and Business Success Magazine. She’s a Certified, Global Life, Love Trauma Recovery & Mindset Coach, Advanced Clinical Trauma & Addictions Professional (CCTP-II), a #1 Bestselling Author, the Host of her Podcast called Lessons in Life & Love™, an Educational Speaker, and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for over 23 years, living in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Riana’s passion for what she does is so very apparent, and you can feel her joy in talking about client success stories of healing from their trauma.

Personal experience of traumas from childhood and through her 20s led her on a path to help others, and since then she has made an impact on many lives. She is a pioneer in helping people overcome past, unconscious, childhood, and relationship traumas– and to help them heal and transform their lives.

Listen for The 8 D’s:
Desire, Decide, Determination, Dedication, Devotion, Dare to Dream, Dream Big, Discipline

Follow Riana:
RianaMilne.com (and check out the many resources there)

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