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March 17th, 2023

Ep. 74: Danny Covey, From Nearly Dying to Fully Living

  1. Ep. 74: Danny Covey, From Nearly Dying to Fully Living Kate Cherichello 32:11

From being a one-year-old having open heart surgery to seven more heart-related surgeries over the years, nearly dying on the operating table three times, and all that has gone with this journey, Danny Covey is here to tell us about his journey today. True miracles. Today’s guest was told he would never physically excel, yet to look at him now you’d never know of any of this. Danny is a fit black belt with a wife and three children working in marketing and design in Ottawa, Canada. This episode will give you such a boost and dose of inspiration!

Some highlights:

  • –Don’t accept limits set by others
  • –Never too late: He couldn’t even be a part of gym class in school, yet now he is a black belt
  • –Keep asking the questions until you find the answer

Follow Danny: @covetastic Insta, Danny Covey FB & LinkedIn, dannycovey .com

Referenced CTV segment:ottawa.ctvnews. ca/video?clipId=1612642

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**This week’s shout-out goes to Cindy Miller, always there for others, nominated by Julie Cherichello. Listen to the end to hear!**

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