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February 17th, 2023

Ep. 71: Genevieve Piturro, Purpose, Passion, & Pajamas

  1. Ep. 71: Genevieve Piturro, Purpose, Passion, & Pajamas Kate Cherichello 24:43

“If this is the next 30 years of your life, is this enough?”

My guest today on Be The Good with Kate is Genevieve Piturro, who is “all about Purpose and The Human Connection”. She has quite the story– I mean, even Oprah has talked about her! For real!

From simply showing up to read a book to children, to an entire nonprofit bringing love and comfort to children in shelters, and the story continues to expand and grow…


  • –Went from television marketing executive to finding her purpose in a whole new way.
  • -Founded the non-profit Pajama Program, which is celebrating its 21st year, and has delivered more than 7 MILLION new pajamas and books to children through its 43 chapters across the U.S.
  • -A professional speaker and purpose consultant, inspiring individuals, groups and companies on The Transformative Power of Purpose & The Human Connection.
  • -Best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and has been featured just about everywhere, from Hallmark’s Home & Family, OPRAH, TODAY, GMA, & more as well as recipient of many awards as she inspires others to listen to their heart-voice in pursuing their passions.
  • -Mary Tyler Moore was an inspiration 🙂

Listen for the rest of Genevieve’s beautiful, inspiring story. I came away from our conversation saying, There is so much one person can do, from what may seem like the least time-consuming volunteer event to creating an entire organization and so much in between!

Follow Genevieve:

  • @genevievepiturro    

~~Join me each Friday, as I ask an individual five questions about the good they are doing in the world via following their passions. Be inspired by their example and advice on how each of us has the ability to make a difference.~~

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