1. Ep. 52: JJ Kells, Student, Wanderer, Living with OCD & In the Driver's Seat Kate Cherichello 33:07

Last week Be The Good with Kate had a window into mental health from the eyes of a therapist, and so this week I’m grateful to have a guest giving us a point of view from the side of someone who is going to therapy, working through each day, and sharing her struggles and triumphs with others along the way. It takes a lot of strength to do that, and she is helping others by finding ways to incorporate this information and encouragement into her life, in addition to finishing grad school and exploring what’s next…

JJ Kells comes to us today from Chicago, and while most of us get anxious about not knowing what’s next, JJ adds a unique perspective: “I actually don’t mind not knowing what’s next.” She calls herself a “wanderer”, and indeed has already had such an interesting, varied life despite a young age.

JJ has obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD, and she has worked so hard to ensure SHE runs her life, not it. “It’s a part of my experience all day everyday,” but listen to how JJ explains her journey discovering so much about herself,  therapy, tactics to cope with the stressors, and more.

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