1. Ep. 44: Suzanne Orlando, LCSW, The Anxiety Alchemist Kate Cherichello 20:25

In a world of a lot of darkness, it is important to know of the many good people out there working to help others in some way, shape, or form each and every day. Today on Be The Good with Kate, I would like to introduce you to Suzanne Orlando, also known as The Anxiety Alchemist.

Suzanne is a psychotherapist and anxiety strategy coach. She has worked for many years in this field, and her passion is apparent!

She and her family live in New Jersey, and she also has rather accidentally, through her daughter taking riding lessons, been introduced to how equestrian work benefits those with anxiety. She now also works with therapy in the equine space in addition to her daily practice.

Suzanne found therapy through a personal trauma, and found how crucial therapy was to her life. While she explains school did not come ‘easy’ to her, when she started to do work toward becoming a therapist, it was a different story, and she became more and more passionate about this field.

Additionally, listen to Suzanne discuss the importance of finding your strengths, searching for what you enjoy, and working through the challenges you will come across along the way. At the end, Suzanne tells you about a free offer as well!

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