1. Brooke Romney, Modern Manners for Today’s Teens, Ep. 103 Kate Cherichello 14:57

Upon entering the ‘teenage years’ with her boys, she searched for a resource to help guide her and couldn’t find one. So she created one. So much goodness and insight packed into this episode of Be The Good with Kate with guest Brooke Romney. Brooke teaches parents how to connect with their children, themselves, and with others in ways that make a tangible difference. And whether you are a parent or not, I guarantee you will appreciate the nuggets of wisdom and ideas Brooke shares.

From her bio: Brooke’s goal is for every family to feel confident and connected. The mother of four boys ages tween to adult, Brooke knows parenting perfection isn’t real and takes an honest and hopeful approach with her audience. Her best-selling book 52 Modern Manners for Today’s Teens (Volumes 1 & 2) provides weekly tips to help parents and teens navigate the complexities of today’s world. The follow-up, 52 Modern Manners for Kids, features tips for kids and tweens aged four to 12. Brooke’s work has been featured in The Washington Post, Scary Mommy and Forbes. Brooke and her family live in Utah.

Find Brooke’s Instagram community @BrookeRomneyWrites .

Thank you for listening to Be The Good with Kate, where it is my honor to share with you each week guests who inspire us to find and follow our passions at any age– but not only that, to do this while making the world a better place along the way.

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