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February 25th, 2024

Circles of Strength: The Power of Tend and Befriend for Women Over 55

A SNEEK PEEK OF THE CIRCLE OF STRENGTH exclusively on The Golden Connections Platform.

Dive into the heartwarming world of our new Circles of Strength dedicated to exploring the transformative power of the Tend and Befriend theory, especially for women over 55. This show celebrates the unique ways in which women nurture, support, and create resilient communities, turning the golden years into a period of unparalleled connection and mutual support.

In a society that often overlooks the emotional wisdom and the nurturing power of older women YOUR Circle of Strength shines a light on the importance of tending to ourselves and befriending others as a profound source of strength and healing. It’s an invitation to honor our innate ability to care, connect, and create spaces of warmth and understanding.

Questions We’ll Ponder Together:

How has your capacity to nurture and support others evolved as you’ve journeyed through life?

Can you share a moment when reaching out in friendship transformed a challenge into a cherished memory?

How do you cultivate and sustain deep, meaningful connections in this chapter of your life?

In what ways has the act of tending to the needs of others brought you joy and fulfillment?

How do you balance the nurturing of others with the equally important need to nurture yourself?

Our Circles of Strength will continue as a private collaboration which is more than a conversation; it’s a celebration of the ageless spirit of women who, through their wisdom and warmth, create a tapestry of care that spans generations. It’s about recognizing the beauty in our shared experiences, the strength in our collective support, and the joy in the simple act of reaching out to one another.

Join us for an emotional journey that embraces the essence of who we are as caretakers, friends, and pillars of strength. Whether through laughter or tears, Circles of Strength promises to be an uplifting exploration of the bonds that unite us, the grace with which we navigate life, and the endless capacity for love and friendship that defines us.

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