1. Happiness: A Skill as Simple to Learn as Any Other Debbi-Jo Horton with Edwin Edebri 24:13

Is happiness an emotion or skill? Edwin Edebiri, CHO offers the concept that you can learn happiness as a skill! A skill? Yes, Edwin wrote a book to teach people how to choose happiness despite your circumstances. You can choose to let your circumstances depress you to a clinical diagnosis where you are then seeking medication. OR, you can learn “Happiness As A Skill” as he titled his book! He pointed out that we all deserve to be happy but you first have to believe that for yourself. He even shared the science behind a good laugh. Edwin is spreading happiness through the Happiness Project, an online networking organization. Edwin would love you to be his guest, check out the link below to surround yourself with other happy people.

Meet Edwin Edebiri, the esteemed Global Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) and visionary pioneer of the groundbreaking concept, “Happiness As A Learnable Skill”. With a wealth of insights gained from over 1,000 interviews on happiness, Edwin’s dedication to global happiness has earned his work recognition at the United Nations, and as a TEDx speaker, he shares his transformative insights with audiences worldwide. Edwin’s influence extends to prime time, having been featured in a PBS program under the segment “Art of Happiness.” As the founder of the Happy Neighborhood Project, Edwin has created the happiest place in the world for small businesses and professionals. Beyond his commitment to spreading joy, he finds solace in the skies, pursuing his hobby as a pilot. Join Edwin in his mission to empower individuals to embrace happiness as a learnable skill and make it your stepping stone to a happier life.

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