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Accessible Water Skiing: Empowering All Abilities

  1. Accessible Water Skiing: Empowering All Abilities Debbi-Jo Horton with Kurt Roskpf 22:06

I had the pleasure of chatting with Kurt Roskopf, an inspiring advocate for inclusivity and accessibility. Kurt’s story is nothing short of transformative, and I guarantee it will expand your perspectives on what’s possible as we age. His mission is to create a world that is more inclusive for people with disabilities, and he’s done incredible work in adaptive water skiing that will leave you both amazed and inspired.

Kurt’s journey took him from being part of a traditional water ski club to revolutionizing it into a welcoming space for people with disabilities. He shares how adaptive water skiing opened up a whole new world, leading to the creation of the “Everybody Skis” program. One powerful anecdote involves taking a friend with cerebral palsy water skiing, showcasing his determination and the impact one person can make.

In this Episode:

– Challenges and triumphs of adaptive water skiing

– How inclusivity leads to unexpected and rewarding outcomes

– Stories of perseverance and community support

– Viewing obstacles as opportunities at any age

Kurt’s passion is contagious, and his insights are sure to inspire you to rethink what aging and ability mean.

Kurt is a disability ally committed to shifting our world to be more inclusive, accessible, and accommodating to people with disabilities. He is the founding director of the Adaptive Division to the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation. Wisconsin with Kurt’s Inclusion to Water Skiing Campaign and EveryBODY Skis Program has more than sextupled the access to the sport of water skiing for those coming through Wisconsin in 6 years. It is with this flair that Kurt is passionate about nudging the way for people with disabilities to be favored into positions on boards and other executive positions in business all over the world. Kurt touts people with disabilities as the Masters of Ability.

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