Thursday - July 25th, 2024
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Embracing Change and New Beginnings

  1. Embracing Change and New Beginnings Debbi-Jo Horton 7:28

As I reflect on our journey together on “Advantages to Aging,” I am grateful for your support. Today, I have decided to sunset the podcast to prioritize my well-being. Before we part ways, remember to reflect on your growth, reassess your life, and prioritize your health while continuing to inspire others.

Stay engaged with the podcast community, revisit past episodes for learning, and remain open to the podcast’s return. Embrace the wisdom gained over time, set goals, and adapt to new challenges. Thank you for being a part of this journey. Keep striving for greatness.

With gratitude,

Debbi Jo

To Connect with Debbi-Jo on FB: @Debbi-Jo Horton, LinkedIn: @Debbi-Jo Horton, or

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Debbi-Jo Horton Host of the Podcast Advantages to Aging

DJ is a lifelong entrepreneur who believes in abundance and that there ARE advantages to aging!
Her mission is to Make People Better.

Make People Better – 3 impactful words DJ lives by and by which Neora was founded. No wonder she is so passionate about sharing this story. She believes that through any adversity we might face we can come out better and stronger. She launched the Advantages to Aging Podcast to share those tips, tricks, and inspirational journeys we all experience so that we might all learn with and from one another.

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