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Bringing Mental Health Conversations to Life: Ben Gonshor Discusses "The Book of Izzy"

  1. Bringing Mental Health Conversations to Life: Ben Gonshor Discusses "The Book of Izzy" Amy Taylor 24:18

**Show Notes: Advancing With Amy / Mental Health Warrior & Neurospicy Mama**


**Episode Title:** Bringing Mental Health Conversations to Life: Ben Gonshor Discusses “The Book of Izzy”


**Host:** Amy Taylor

**Guest** Ben Gonshor



In this compelling episode, hosts Amy and Ben dive deep into an enlightening conversation about Ben’s latest book, “The Book of Izzy.” Ben opens up about his own mental health journey, discussing both the highs and lows of being on and off psychotropic medication. “The Book of Izzy” serves as a powerful narrative aimed at de-stigmatizing mental health and sparking essential conversations around the topic. Listen in as they explore the significance of a supportive community for those diagnosed with mental illnesses and touch on the genetic aspects of mental health.


**Key Takeaways:**

– **Ben’s Journey:** Insights into Ben’s personal experiences with depression and anxiety, which have shaped his literary work.

– **Supporting Mental Health:** The vital role of support systems for people with mental health conditions.

– **Unique Experiences:** The importance of recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s mental health journey.

– **Izzy’s Challenges:** A closer look at Izzy, the protagonist of Ben’s book, and his journey of self-discovery.

– **Realism and Authenticity:** The significance of depicting mental health challenges with authenticity, drawn from personal experience.

– **Promotion and Purchase Information:** Details on where and how to purchase “The Book of Izzy.”


**Purchase “The Book of Izzy”:**

Check out the link below to purchase Ben’s evocative book directly. Let’s support meaningful storytelling that bridges the gap in mental health discussions. You can use my affiliate link to purchase it on Kindle through Amazon at or purchase the actual book at Barnes & Noble at

To learn more about Ben, check out his website at


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**Upcoming Episodes:**

Stay tuned for our next episode, where we continue to bring you impactful conversations on mental health and wellness.


Thank you for being part of the “Advancing With Amy / Mental Health Warrior” community. Keep on Advancing Warriors!

PS.  Make sure you take a second to check out my good friend Sage’s Here & Happy:  Modern Mindfullness Meditations at my affiliate link:

Amy Taylor Mental Health Warrior & Neurospicy Mama

Hi, I'm an older single Mom in Missouri. I'm 53 and have a grown son with his own family and then I'm still raising a 13 year old daughter. I live a full life while having bipolar disorder, ADHD and anxiety. My daughter lives a very full life as well while having Autism, Anxiety, & ADHD. I work full time as a social worker during the day and am working towards my MBA at night. On the weekends I have started podcasting which has become a very fun hobby and helps me spread the word about mental health issues and neurodiversity and hopefully help end the stigma and spread some hope.

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