1. A Personal Account of Living with Bipolar Disorder Amy Taylor 24:45

In this episode, Amy sits down with Sally Alter, a 76-year-old widow originally from London. Sally shares her remarkable life story of travel and adventure, living in four different countries, and settling down in Kerrville, Texas. But among her life experiences, Sally has faced the challenges of living with bipolar disorder since the age of 15. She candidly discusses the impact of the disorder on her life and her journey to managing it.

Sally’s passion for writing shines through as she talks about her career as an author. With four books on bipolar disorder and additional works of fiction and non-fiction, Sally delves into the inspiration behind her writing and her latest novella, “Shards of Glass.”

Throughout the episode, Sally and Amy explore the complexities of bipolar disorder, from the symptoms and challenges to the importance of medication and therapy. Sally’s Resilience and determination serve as an inspiring message to anyone facing similar struggles, as she encourages listeners to stay hopeful and never give up on their aspirations.

Listeners will gain valuable insights into living with bipolar disorder, the power of writing as a therapeutic outlet, and the importance of never losing hope, no matter the challenges they face.

Join us as we take a deep dive into Sally’s journey as a mental health warrior and a passionate writer.

Key Discussion Points:
– Sally’s life experiences and settling in Kerrville, Texas
– Living with bipolar disorder and the impact on daily life
– Sally’s journey as an author, writing on bipolar disorder and releasing a new novella
– Exploring the complexities of bipolar disorder and its management
– Overcoming challenges and finding hope in the face of mental health struggles

Call to Action:
To explore Sally Alter’s compelling storytelling and gain an in-depth understanding of mental health challenges, be sure to check out her latest novella, “Shards of Glass.” You can purchase the book directly from Sally’s website at sallyalter.com or find it on Amazon. Immerse yourself in this captivating tale that weaves mental health issues into a riveting narrative.


Amy Taylor Mental Health Warrior & Neurospicy Mama

Hi, I'm an older single Mom in Missouri. I'm 53 and have a grown son with his own family and then I'm still raising a 13 year old daughter. I live a full life while having bipolar disorder, ADHD and anxiety. My daughter lives a very full life as well while having Autism, Anxiety, & ADHD. I work full time as a social worker during the day and am working towards my MBA at night. On the weekends I have started podcasting which has become a very fun hobby and helps me spread the word about mental health issues and neurodiversity and hopefully help end the stigma and spread some hope.