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Discover Gentle Somatic Yoga Poses for Lower Back Care

In this video, learn gentle somatic yoga techniques for caregivers to ease lower back pain and reduce stress. Perfect for family caregivers needing Self-Care.

๐ŸŒŸ Relieve Lower Back Pain with Gentle Somatic Yoga Welcome to our 60-minute Gentle Somatic Yoga session designed to alleviate lower back pain led by Andrea @AndreaTrank. This class is perfect for anyone seeking to soothe discomfort, improve flexibility, and enhance overall spinal health through gentle, mindful movements.

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โœจ Seeking more resources and support to improve your well-being? Dive into our growing video library of holistic wellness classes and tips from experts who understand the unique challenges and stressors caregivers face. At Caregiver Whole Healthโ„ข we offer group classes, private instruction, individual Coaching, wellness webinars, self-paced recorded courses and more.โœจ

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๐Ÿง˜๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ Looking for social support on your Caregiver wellness journey? Join our Caregiver Kula, a free on-line heart-centered Caregiver wellness community created by caregivers, for caregivers. Join us today and connect with others who are working to integrate Self-Care practices into their routine for sustainable caregiving and healthy aging. Itโ€™s a supportive space crafted to meet the unique needs of caregivers like you. Join us here โžก

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Yoga4Caregivers Disclaimer: As with any yoga or exercise program or video, please use caution and honor your body. Please consult with your physician before beginning, especially if you have injuries or physical limitations. This video is not intended for pregnant women. By participating in this yoga video, you agree that you should do so at your own risk. You further agree that Yoga4Caregivers and our instructors, volunteers and representatives are not liable for any injury, accident, or health impairment befalling the viewer or practitioner of this video, or any individual utilizing techniques suggested in this video. The techniques and suggestions presented in this video are not intended to substitute medical advice.

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Cindy graduated in 1992 with a Masterโ€™s Degree in Physical Therapy from Washington University in St Louis, MO. The majority of her career has been spent in Home Healthcare. Her passion is to assist people in maintaining their independence, especially when it makes the difference in their ability to remain in their home.

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