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In this episode, Diane Helbig talks to Patti Denucci, an expert on purposeful business networking and socialization. Patti shares her insights on the importance of these skills for personal and professional growth. They discuss the barriers impacting socialization, misconceptions about business networking, and strategies for effective small talk. Patti also offers advice on dealing with negative individuals and highlights the key conversation skill of listening. With practical tips and empowering advice, this conversation is a treasure trove for anyone looking to improve their social skills.

Patti lives in Austin, Texas and has a background in marketing communications and talent management. She has earned a reputation as an expert on the art of purposeful business networking and socialization, including how to do it better rather than just more. With two award-winning books on the topic, Patti works with clients all over the U.S. When she’s not doing that, she hosts stimulating conversation salons in her home. 

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The Impact of Technology on Social Skills: “There’s an entire generation of young people that grew up on screens, And that has really impacted their ability or inability to be social and to be comfortable and confident making small talk that moves into something meaningful.”

— Patti Denucci 00:03:42

Building Genuine Relationships: “Networking is really about building the relationships and helping people get to know you so that they know you, like you, trust you, and that they remember you because you brand out from the group as being, you know, someone very so I wanna hang out with that person, let alone do business with them.”

— Patti Denucci 00:05:21 

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Diane Helbig is a business advisor, trainer, award-winning author, speaker, and podcast host. As president of Helbig Enterprises, Diane helps businesses and organizations operate more constructively and profitably.

Diane is passionate about guiding business professionals through the challenges of planning and growing a business. From leadership to strategic planning to sales training, Diane provides her clients with expertise based on over 20 years of business leadership and sales experience.

Diane is the author of Succeed Without Selling, Lemonade Stand Selling, and Expert Insights, and is the host of Accelerate Your Business Growth podcast. Diane is a member of the Newsweek Expert Forum, Ashland University Women in Leadership Advisory Board, and NAWBO.