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Welcome to another episode of “Accelerate Your Business Growth”! In today’s episode, our host Diane Helbig sits down with Chris Rodriguez, a seasoned marketing veteran with over 20 years of experience. They delve deep into the realm of digital marketing, discussing the most impactful channels, personalized approaches, the importance of ROI, and the tactics that work best for organic marketing. Chris provides valuable insights into leveraging digital marketing for business growth, making this episode a must-listen for entrepreneurs and marketers alike. Let’s dive in and accelerate our knowledge of digital marketing with Chris Rodriguez!

Chris Rodriguez is a 20-year marketing veteran with a passion for driving growth & tangible results for brands and entrepreneurs. He has worked with over 30 startups across all tiers of funding & sizes, generating brand awareness, web traffic, signups, downloads, and most importantly customers & revenue. He now runs iExcel.co, a B2B SaaS-focused demand generation & marketing operations agency based out of the greater Washington DC area.

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Personalization in Marketing: “a Venn diagram overlap of demographic information plus interest information is usually a great start to personalizing something for me.”

— Chris Rodriguez 00:09:20

Personalization in Digital Advertising: “Other people are not seeing that sneaker or that item as as you are. So there are different ways to to approach this concept of personalization, but I just think very segmented, very specific to you. And if you’re thinking this way in your in your efforts, you will simply get a higher ROI.”

— Chris Rodriguez 00:11:32

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