Leaves Fall IMG_3504Unfortunately, September marks the end of summer, which is so sad. Many people, like me, aren’t fans of winter.

However, in relation to sales, September is a good time to shop for deals, the Labor Day sales being one reason.

Here are recommendations on the September sales from DealNews.com:

Summer clothing

Deep discounts are expected at many retailers as they want to make room for new fall items. Look for sales up to 80 percent off.

Major appliances

Labor Day is one of the last sales times of the year when you can reliably expect savings on major appliances. The savings typically range from 30 percent to 40 percent off, though sometimes discounts can reach as high as 50 percent off or more.


Labor Day is also an excellent time to shop for a new mattress, with online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores both offering sales. You can find mattress deals past Labor Day, too.


Grills are mainly a summery item. However, retailers tend to discount a variety of grills just in time for tailgating in September.

School supplies

Many people have already purchased school supplies, but others have been waiting to buy student supplies as a way to deal with inflation. Look for last-minute savings as retailers try to clear out the shelves and make room for fall and winter items.

Patio furniture

With summer winding down, it’s a good time to shop for a variety of patio items. Look for sales on other patio gear, too.


Demand for bicycles drops when it cools off, so many outdoor retailers discount these items to clear the shelves.

Bedding and linens

Some retailers may offer bundled deals on mattresses and bedding, so check it out if you’re buying a mattress. If you’re just looking for new bedding, September should bring sales on different kinds of sheets and blankets, so it’s a great time to get new ones.


You could find a good rate for holiday airfare by shopping in September. In general, about six to eight weeks before departure is when you want to book airfare for the best prices, so the end of September is the right time frame for Thanksgiving flights.

Summer gardening gear

If you need new garden tools for summer outdoors work, they’re one more category that sees serious discounts as the season winds down.


Compare prices for older iPhones, laptops, fitness equipment, TVs, and home furniture. You could find a bargain before the Black Friday sales.

What not to buy in September

Halloween items

Wait until October when sales get better as people start decorating and shopping for the holiday.


November is the best time for cruise deals with some popping up around Black Friday for the winter months when people are looking warm-weather trips.

Fall clothing

Any fall apparel on the shelves now is new, so you won’t see serious discounts for a couple of months at least. Wait until November or December.

Winter holiday decorations

You may see a few decorations in September, but the selection of these items will grow over the next few months, and the discounts probably won’t hit until November and December.


The toy hype is just starting to build in September, so it’s not a good time for discounts. But around Black Friday and into December, there should be a generous selection of toy deals.

Happy September shopping. I hope you find some great bargains.

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