Tuesday - May 21st, 2024
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The State of the Onion

The State Of The Onion &Raquo; Notes To Self By Mark Obrien

I was going to excerpt portions of President Biden’s 2024 State of the Union remarks and annotate them with snide comments. But four things happened:

  1. I realized snark is indistinguishable from truth at this point, and snark doesn’t sit well in some circles. Neither does truth. And here we are.
  2. I wouldn’t have enough time to peel the onion sufficiently enough to respond to all the delusional falsities in Uncle Joe’s remarks and still have time for everything else in my life.
  3. I found this post in The Federalist that highlights 30 of the lowlights. So, I decided to let it go at that.
  4. I found this transcript of the special counsel’s interview with Uncle Joe. If you still think he should be in charge of anything, we’re in much deeper trouble than I can imagine.

P.S. From a post by Ted Hulick: “This man has never had a private sector job in his life — and he’s like a wrecking ball to our economy — he doesn’t seem to understand that billionaires don’t pay a high percentage of tax because they invest in assets that appreciate and they don’t have a lot of liquidity (cash, etc.).”

P.P.S. If you wonder what hypocrisy looks like, wonder no more.

Originally Published on https://www.bizcatalyst360.com/category/lifecolumns/notes-to-self/

Mark O'Brien Writer, Blogger

I'm the founder and principal of O'Brien Communications Group (obriencg.com) and the co-founder and President of EinSource (einsource.com). I'm a lifelong writer. My wife, Anne, and I have two married sons and four grandchildren. I'm having the time of my life.

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