Senior housing today is light years away from the senior housing of your parents or

grandparents day! I speak with people every day who are completely opposed to Independent Living or Assisted Living because they’re envisioning a nursing home where they sleep in a hospital bed, eat jello and play Bingo for excitement. WRONG!

With Independent Living there are so many options – it truly is a LIFESTYLE. From 55+ senior apartments to Independent Living communities where meals and pretty much everything is included. Yes, you can probably find a Bingo game there, but you will also find Tai Chi, Yoga, Wine Tasting, Art Classes, Happy Hours and more.

These communities truly offer an environment designed to enrich the lives of seniors. Residents of Independent Living communities are encouraged to “age in place”. What does that mean?

Perhaps a need arises for medication reminders, or assistance with bathing. Home Care or

Personal Assistance Services can be contracted to help with those needs. The senior remains in their apartment with additional services to help keep them independent as long as possible. If a senior reaches the point where they’re no longer safe living alone, it’s time to transition to Assisted Living. Again, Assisted Living communities are probably not what you are imagining either…some look like 5-star hotels. All of them offer a plethora of activities and strive to enrich the daily lives of the seniors who live there.

Senior housing in 2021 is about Choices, Flexibility and Lifestyle:

Larger vs Smaller Assisted Living: what’s the current trend?

Are you ready to explore Independent Living or Assisted Living for yourself or a family member?

I work with hundreds of communities throughout Dallas/Fort Worth, and would be happy to

help you find the BEST FIT. To start your search, please contact me at 214-783-1222.

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Lori Williams Senior Living Expert & Host of the Podcast, Aging in Style

Owner/Founder of Lori Williams - Senior Services. I’ve worked in senior living for over 16 years. My passion for learning all I could about aging, dementia and resources for older adults was inspired by my grandmother who was diagnosed with dementia in 1994. I am also the creator and host of the podcast, Aging in Style. The purpose of the podcast is to educate on all things senior related and to share stories of inspirational seniors.

I have a degree in Marketing from LSU, and I am a Certified Senior Advisor and a Certified Dementia Practitioner.

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