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6 Quality Kitchen Zones Organization Products

I was introduced to the popular kitchen zones organization idea and realized that’s exactly how I think about organizing our kitchen.
Since we recently moved into our new house which always means a reorganizational period, I wanted to share some of these quality kitchen zones organization products that I’ve put into place.

Quote of the day: “The bad days are more important than the good days. If you write or exercise or meditate or cook when you don’t feel like it, then you maintain the habit. And if you maintain the habit, then all you need is time.” James Clear

Having the right kitchen organization items can make or break your cooking routine.

Considering we all HAVE to eat, you might as well make it easy to find things, and easy to cook.

To me, an organized kitchen is almost as important as an organized closet. And certain tools can help tremendously.

I’m only showcasing items that I have personally bought and used in this article, but I share other ones in my daily emails because there are so many out there.

Kitchen Zones Organization

There are a couple of different categories for kitchen zones organization.

I subscribe to the one that has only 4 categories:

We tend to organize when we move to a new place or have issues with something, but there’s never a bad time to add one of these kitchen zones organization products to your place.

Most of the items in this article fall under the storage kitchen zones organization but there is one that can be used in the cooking and cleaning zone also.

I have enjoyed sharing organizational ideas in the past, and once you train your brain to think this way, you can use the concepts for any area in your house.

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Lazy Susans

There are many types of lazy susans that can help with your storage kitchen zones organization.

I’ve always been a fan of lazy susans to hold my spices and now with the corner cabinet in our new kitchen, they work wonderfully at making my food items accessible.

Once I tried these clear lazy susans, I realized how beneficial they are especially on higher cabinets. You can see through the lip.

And having the lip is nice so things don’t fall off.

The rectangular lazy susan I recently saw on TikTok (and shared in my email) was used in the fridge. It is one of those “aha” items which I haven’t personally tried but I think it’s brilliant.

Kitchen Zone: Storage

Found: Amazon or Target. The rectangular one I could only find on Amazon.

Insider tip: Make sure to measure your area first because they come in a variety of sizes.

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Clear Container For Organizing
Clear organizerAmazon or Target

Clear Plastic Containers

I shared the messy photos of the contents of my fridge recently and realized that I could use another one of these clear plastic containers for our seeds, and bread.

While I love these for my fridge, they are also helpful for under-sink organization as well as junk drawer organization.

Kitchen Zone: Storage

Found: Amazon or Target

Insider tip: Definitely measure the space you are going to use this for because there are many different sizes. If you get an incorrect size, you can return it but it can also work for other areas.
The first one we recently ordered was too small for our bags of chia seeds, hemp seeds, etc, so I used it to hold tape in the office area.

Pots and Pans Rack

At our last place, we had a large drawer storage cabinet to keep our pans in. We use pan protectors so they wouldn’t scratch each other when nesting, but it wasn’t going to work in the kitchen setup we live in now.

That’s when I saw this pot rack, probably on TikTok. The advantage is how it can be used horizontally or vertically.

It took some getting used to sliding the pan in with the handle towards the inside, but now, it’s second nature.

Kitchen Zone: Storage

Found: Amazon or Target

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Bowls With Lids For Organization And Ecoconscious
Clear BowlsAmazon or Target

Clear Bowl with Lids

While searching for products that are BPA-free, we stumbled upon these clear bowls with lids. While they are marketed as mixing bowls, we also use them to store food in the fridge.

I consider them more sustainable since I don’t have to use disposable cling wrap to cover what’s in the bowl when I use them for storage.

The only reason you didn’t get a real photo of these is because we had guests over for dinner last night and most of them are in the dishwasher.

Kitchen Zone: Storage

Found: Amazon or Target

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Cord Organizers

I have to thank Joanne, from Slices of Life, for this product and I’m not sure I would have thought twice about them except I was just fighting with our toaster cord since we moved.

My egg cooker (one of my favorite kitchen appliances) has one of these cord organizers as part of its base, and I was wondering why all appliances don’t have them.

Once I ordered this item, I went ahead and used it on my Instapot, Airfryer, hand blender, food processor, and crock pot. Luckily my blender already came with one.

Kitchen Zone: Storage

Found: This is one kitchen zones organization product that I only found on Amazon.

Insider tip: There are a couple of companies that sell these with different amounts. The first package I bought had 6 of them, but I now just ordered another pack with 4.
Go through your cabinets and see how many appliances need them before ordering.

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Kitchen Zones Organization with Command Hooks

I like to hide away the things that don’t fit into my aesthetic decor. And command hooks are one of the tricks up my sleeve.

While I have used these everywhere in my house, here is one example in my kitchen.

I am using them to hold my oven mitt.

Insider tip: I have an oven mitt on a command hook inside the cabinet on BOTH sides of the oven. This has worked out wonderfully when my husband and I are both working in the kitchen, so you don’t have to bother the other person.
In fact, I plan to add another hook so each side can have 2 mitts.

Another area where these command hooks work wonders is in the cabinet under the sink. That’s where our drying towel resides. The advantage is it is out of sight yet it still can dry after use.

Kitchen Zone: While you could certainly call this storage, I also consider it helpful for the cooking and cleaning kitchen zone organization.

Found: I feel like you can find these command hooks almost anywhere including the grocery and hardware store. Yet of course they are also found at Amazon or Target.

Insider tip: If you have extra adhesive to store, don’t put it in the garage where the temperatures are too hot. The adhesive then wears out before you can use it.
I know this from experience.

Favorite Kitchen Zones Organization Products

6 Quality Kitchen Zones Organization Products &Raquo; Different Edit Edited

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