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Will You Grasp the Opportunity to Live Your Calling?

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Attract the Right Job Or Clientele:

Will You Grasp the Opportunity to Live Your Calling?

NOTE: Chawn Bracey, is the founder of Motivator Music. He provides our guest post, ‘Will You Grasp the Opportunity to Live Your Calling?’

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Motivator Music uses our remix process to develop speaking albums and videos for our clients. We have helped clients land commercial voice-over deals, earn thousands of streams, and grow their digital footprint. 

 I launched my career as a music video director while in broadcasting school. In between videos, I would often recruit classmates to be in positive skits. Ultimately, a motivational speaker took notice. Curious about how they could collaborate, he sent me a voice-over of his speech to edit. That first voice-over sparked an international collaboration featuring speakers in over 12 countries. Several speakers featured on the album found value and began to inquire about having their material produced. 


Grasp the Opportunity to Live Your Calling

Living Our Calling

Today, I am living out my calling. There comes a time in our life and career when we must double down on the task and go straight to the source to maximize our moment. It’s vital to realize upfront that you will likely be misunderstood, underestimated, underprepared, overwhelmed, etc. And it may not be your reality under these same circumstances.

In 2022 I relocated to a different region and applied similar pressure. It’s different when you can run into someone in person and have a personal conversation versus trying many times via email to get a response over three months with zero results.


I planted my flag in the dirt in Vegas and went to the busiest place I could find with the best camera and cameraman. My goal was to get familiar with the city and discover what tourists thought about reading books for inspiration vs. listening to music. 

With the video, I was going for a Jimmy Kimmel-type vibe, and some participants thought they were on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Something about cameras makes people either go into character or go into their shells. 

The video shoot embraced the momentum I felt from two back-to-back conferences. One was where I helped in the Ultimate Speaking Competition, and the other was the Rainmaker conference by Powerteam international. 

What can happen if you go outside and do whatever you do is incredible. People need to remember that grassroots marketing existed before social media. In putting this together, I came across a few people who would be instrumental in my next move. 


Hosting events had always been on the back burner to bring to life but working to promote the Books V.S. music video brought it together naturally. 

The Motivation Monday live events venue fell in my lap based on divine intervention. It was a Co-Working space in the city called the Feathernest. The owner agreed to sponsor the event to promote the name further. I’ve always embraced a challenge, so if we did a new motivational event with a different theme every week, we’d attract the kind of audience that would be more than welcome at the Feathernest.

To promote the event, I printed tickets with two Q.R. codes. One directed people to the website for the venue, and the other required people to visit the Motivator Music website. From there, I went into complete “outside” mode and learned that people in Vegas have many events they want to attend, but none are necessarily motivational. 

Each Monday, we waited with high hopes for people to come through, but most of the attendees were basically on the team. I felt like the boy who cried wolf because I did not pack the house either week. All was not lost, though, because the founder of Black Wall Street Nevada caught wind of what we were doing, showed up a few times, and even offered me a spot on the Board. 


I needed to figure out how to level up with the correct information and learn to run successful events because whatever I did the month before needed to be better. I began to give sites like Eventbrite serious consideration. A look that the mirror would be envious of. Then I noticed a familiar name on Eventbrite, and I knew almost immediately that I had to be at that event no matter what clothes I had or haircut I didn’t have. The only problem was that the event was the next day, and it was already almost midnight when I discovered it. I instantly called Bill Walsh, the CEO, and founder of Powerteam International, to see if it was too late to grab a ticket. 

About a year before, I met him after being invited to one of his other events by Christoff Weihman, the founder of the ultimate speaker competition. He liked my perspective on the fact that I work with speakers to help them monetize their message via speaking albums. I would often travel with the competition to help out however I could. One time I even helped judge the event. 

Luckily Bill was still awake and said it was ok for me to attend the event. So the next day, I invited a colleague to come with me. She was also interested in growing her business, so everything worked out. But, going into the event, I had no idea my life was about to be changed. After the event, I began to travel and film with Powerteam international as their employee. The company puts on more speaking events a year than most others. 

It was like being signed by the Patriots after trying to start my franchise and going 2-15 the first year. My business took a hit in the short term due to the task. I didn’t have the proper structure to keep it flowing or growing. 

The first event I did after being added to the team was the Rick Ross car show. They flew me out to film for a few hours, and I created a highlight video. To make it happen, I backed out of being a Judge at what would have been my second speaking competition and for a different speaking competition than the original one I judged. 

I worked for the power team there, where I was in 3 different states within 24 hours. They hosted all types of events, from private jet masterminds, conferences, workshops, mansion masterminds, etc. I’ll be forever grateful for the experience. 


After wanting to slow down my travels and catch up with my personal life, I chose to take an opportunity as an editor at a new T.V. network called Dosh that Ray J helped create. I only caught wind of the opportunity because the universe is undefeated. Tons have happened within the network, but this situation is still fresh, so I’ll just let you stay tuned. 

In Conclusion: Grasp the Opportunity to Live Your Calling

I’ve always been a dive-in and learn-how-to-swim-on-the-way-down type of guy. Throughout these experiences, I realized all the opportunity areas in my personal and business life. From here on out, I look forward to applying every lesson these experiences have taught. Let all of us have a fantastic career!

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Sales Tips: Grasp the Opportunity to Live Your Calling

  1. Dance to the music in your heart as you grasp the opportunity to live your calling.
  2. Roadblocks can lead you in a better direction; welcome them.
  3. When the worst incident occurs, taking time to examine it from all angles to realize your gift in disguise is an outstanding learning lesson.
  4. Accept collaborative offers with the willingness to learn from everyone and every opportunity.
  5. Know that even when we make mistakes, when we heed the lessons, we can rise past to move forward.
  6. Living life as others suggest is unfulfilling, but living it how you see it can make your life remarkable.
  7. If you cannot connect with someone online or by phone, attempt to see them in person.
  8. Ask for meetings to learn more and realize how you may assist one another.
  9. Never make assumptions about the ideas of others; ask questions instead.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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The post Will You Grasp the Opportunity to Live Your Calling? appeared first on SmoothSale™.

Elinor Stutz International Best-Selling Author

Elinor Stutz broke through barriers long before doing so was popular. Against all the odds, she defied the theme “women can’t sell” to become the top producer at every company she ever worked for, ignoring attempts to get her to quit.

Eleven years later, I lay motionless on a stretcher with an irreparably broken neck. Two visions appearing before me, and a brilliant gold light encasing my entire body, gave me a reason to believe I would recover. I wholeheartedly knew I was about to empower audiences far and wide. At the moment, I negotiated a full recovery with the promise to be of service. The surgeon and hospital staff anointed me with the title “The Walking Miracle.”

As the CEO of Smooth Sale, Stutz adapted the motto, “Believe, Become, Empower.” Believe in yourself; Become the person you envision; Empower your audience to do the same. Stutz is on the Social Media Committee for Inclusion Allies Coalition devoted to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

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