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Do You Believe Customer Care To Be Top Priority for Your Business?

For those serious about business, today’s blog question, ‘Do you believe customer care to be the top priority for your business?’ may sound ridiculous. However, recent experiences with several companies representing varying industries should never have occurred. 

The better part of experiencing poor service is realizing what not to do regarding our business. Below, I share experiences encountered during our travel that illustrate the lack of customer care concern coupled with seemingly unethical practices.

My Story

Perfection rarely exists, and upon anticipating new adventures, we generally know that only some things will work out as we expect, particularly for business. But those who take immediate action to right a wrong are the ones who generally come out ahead.

All businesses, regardless of size, depend upon serving clientele well. The only way to steadily increase growth is to deliberately serve our audience and clients well. It was my secret to sales success that encouraged returning and referring clientele, which translates to the ‘Smooth Sale.’

Hotel Room Danger Zone

Upon checking into a hotel, the lobby was attractive, and the people at the desk were welcoming. However, the room was another story. It was shocking to realize the omission of a shower door. One must climb over an exceedingly tall bathtub with an unusually wide-deep wall to gain access. An accident awaits anyone of average height or less or not very flexible. A taller gentleman was relaying that he almost fell. It was shocking to experience.

Hotel Gym vs. the Elevator

It was almost equally surprising that a well-respected hotel would have remarkable high-tech applied to the elevators but not include the floor to the gym. There was practically no need to enter the gym because climbing four long flights to get to it was necessary.

Cruise Ship Communications Gone Awry

Passengers for the Icelandic cruise were eager to get to the port and board. Between booking and the day of boarding, no address was evident. Customer service should have addressed all the emails sent by many passengers inquiring about the location. Stress rose as no one wanted to miss the excursion, particularly after COVID isolation – or – lose the money invested in the trip. Without the internet maps pinpointing locations, we would have all been out of luck.

Sightseeing Packages Cease to Exist

The following is a testament to why it helps to seek professional help when booking an overseas trip. One tour promised the opportunity to see a Viking display, a Nobel Peace Prize Museum, and other stops. Sadly, those and another were closed due to renovation. Unquestionably, the company knew ahead of time about the closures – or should have known – and took our money anyway. The travel agent is looking into the matter for us.

All Communications Stop

Next, it is unfortunate that we did not use the travel agent for the next shore excursion in Iceland. Communications between the tour company and the ship are nonexistent. The boat needed changing ports, and the tour company did not seek out the information online, making it impossible for us to enjoy the sights. It was highly disappointing.

Worse, at the end of our trip, the tour company messaged asking how we enjoyed our time with them. Upon relaying what occurred, no response came my way—two more messages over ten days, and still no response. A website search emphasizes contact information for customer care is unavailable, and email doesn’t work. In my opinion, the company is irresponsible and unprofessional.

Best for Last

Our trip renewed our love for travel, and fond memories of the sites we visited are now ours. Despite the setbacks, the history, scenery, and memory of delicacies are all ours for the keeping.

Do You Believe Customer Care To Be Top Priority For Your Business? &Raquo; Sunset Over Ocean 1

Your Story: Customer Care Is To Be A Top Priority for Your Business 

Each business’s responsibility (sales representative included) is to address all concerns upfront and immediately seek agreeable solutions after the sale. It’s the only way to develop trust, credibility, plus client loyalty.

Some questions to consider upfront are:

–      How do you see a better solution?

–      We cannot do XYZ, but what if we are to offer ABC?

–      Are there any other adjustments you might like for a satisfactory conclusion?

Upon hearing about a poor experience, consider asking these questions:

–      How do you see a solution?

–      Your suggestion is too far-reaching, but what if we offer the following?

–      I will implement the change immediately and notify you when I complete it – will that work for you?

Thank your client for their patience and their business. With a smile, ask if everything is good, and you may move forward together. When clients realize that customer care is a top priority for your business, they begin to care about working with you. Confirmation eliminates stress and always works for all parties!

In Conclusion: Customer Care Is To Be A Top Priority for Your Business 

Proper customer care is essential for all types and sizes of business. The minimal effort will be fruitless without providing the best you can. The worst outcome is to deal with poor word of mouth spread across the internet. Fortunately, regarding the trip in its entirety, it was an opportunity of a lifetime.

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Sales Tip: Customer Care Is To Be A Top Priority

  1. Excuses never work out well; take responsibility for what does not meet expectations.
  2. Put yourself in the client’s shoes to imagine how you might feel if you were them.
  3. Do what is right to eliminate the feeling of guilt, stress, and fear about losing business.
  4. Aim for the greater good and strive for long-term clientele.
  5. Serving others well by offering solutions as necessary and creative ideas at other times drives client loyalty.
  6. After a mishap and friendly solution, send a little gift as a thank you.
  7. Consider promotional products as giveaways for your loyal clients or when new purchases arrive.
  8. In team meetings, discuss how members handle upsetting situations to find the proper fix.
  9. Listen to your clientele’s complaints about your competitors to ensure you demonstrate that customer care is to be a top priority for you and the company.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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