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It’s A Book Thing Presents: An Interview with Suzette Riddick, author of Finally Yours

Author’s Bio:
Suzette Riddick is a
wife, mother and nurse practitioner who enjoys writing about imperfect people
finding perfect love. She is an Amazon Best-Selling Author and featured in USA Today
~ Happy Ever After. A native of Philadelphia, PA, Suzette loves to travel, read
and she’s addicted to Chanel parfum.

To learn more about Suzette
visit her website at 

Lawrence: What inspired you to write your book? 

Finally Yours is the third book in my Lawrence Family
Series. I wouldn’t necessarily say I was inspired, but rather motivated to
complete the series. Readers were interested in the oldest sister’s story. 

Emergency room nurse practitioner Samantha “Sammie” Lawrence gives the
impression that she always has it together. Her dominating personality has
gotten her into trouble one too many times. Especially when she crosses paths
with her father’s new business associate Dexter Davis.

Real estate developer Dexter Davis is the no nonsense type that doesn’t have a
problem with putting anyone in their place, including Samantha Lawrence. His
confrontation with the beautiful, abrasive young woman could be the undoing of
a profitable acquisition.

When events force Sammie and Dexter to become business partners, they learn
they have a lot in common. Similar experiences of loss and Grief act as a
catalyst to bring them together.

As the couple is settling into a world of happiness and devotion, a once
trusted friend from Sammie’s past threatens to decimate their existence when
Sammie’s secret comes to light.

Will Sammie and Dexter weather the storm? 

DL: How do
you handle writer’s block?

SR: Some
years ago, I took an online course with Creative Writing. An exercise I learned
to do is to journal five to ten minutes prior to starting my writing sessions.
This has helped a lot to get me into a good mental space for writing. Also, at
the end of a writing session, I’ll make bullet points for scenes in the next scene
or chapter. This is useful in giving me direction on how to move the story
forward…unless the character tells me to go another way. 

DL: What elements
do you think make a good story?

SR: Interesting
characters and conflict. I love characters that aren’t picture perfect and have
messy lives. To me it makes them relatable. Conflict doesn’t always have to be
over the top and explosive. But just enough to show the reader how the
character is going to react. 

DL: What
were some of the challenges when writing this book?

SR: Time!
Working fulltime and having a family I enjoy spending time with can be a
delicate juggling act. I would have loved to dedicate more time to writing this
book. However, spending time with family is a priority for me. Another
challenge was making sure details lined up with the first two books in the
series. All three stories were occurring simultaneously. 

DL: Is there
any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up
or as an adult?

SR: Francis
Ray definitely was an influence on me as I discovered Black romance authors. I enjoyed
her books because they weren’t overly melodramatic with unnecessary drama to
move the story along. I’m honored I had the pleasure to meet her before she
passed away. 

DL: What was
the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?

SR: To
write the best story I can because it is the only thing within my control.
Beverly Jenkins gave me that sage advice over a decade ago and it still
resonates with me until this day. 

DL: What tips
would you give to aspiring writers?

SR: Do
your research when it comes to things like marketing, social media presence (I
wish someone would’ve told me I didn’t have to be on EVERY platform), social
media etiquette, selecting an editor, never stop working on developing your
craft, and don’t be afraid to go the indie route in publishing. 

DL: What are
three fun facts about yourself?

SR: I’m
adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, I’m incredibly silly, and I can
spend hours looking at vintage photos. 

DL: What new
projects are you currently working on?

SR: Currently
I’m working on a series about three women who were somewhat villainess in my
Love Conquers All Series. Each of their stories will center around them being
redeemed from past mistakes and choices that led to their downfall. 

DL: Where
can readers learn more about you and purchase your book(s)?

SR: Readers
can get more information here:

DL: Thanks
so much for being here with us today. I know my readers will enjoy getting to
know you and your work. 

SR: Thank
you for this opportunity!

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Deliah Lawrence Attorney, Author, Blogger, Workshop Facilitator

Deliah Lawrence is a Maryland-based attorney and award-winning author of two romantic suspense novels (Gotta Let It Go and Gotta Get It Back) set in Baltimore. She’s also a blogger and workshop facilitator who writes poetry and short stories.

When Deliah isn’t writing, you can find her reading a book, indulging in her addiction to investigation discovery shows; or painting her yet-to-be exhibited oil artworks of landscapes, portraits or whatever else comes to her creative mind. Constantly on the go, she is also a member of the Black Writers’ Guild of Maryland and Sisters in Crime.

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