(829 words)Because I sense the threshold of interest has been breached, I’m going to respond to a question I have no business responding to. But people keep asking.The question is: What would Arnold Palmer do if the bloodthirsty Saudi Arabian sheiks offered him, say, $200 million — what they’re paying Phil “Lefty” Mickelson — to join their upstart LIV Saudi professional golf tour?I was not in


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Chris Rodell Author, Blogger

Chris Rodell is one of America's most colorful thinkers. Besides unconventional biographies on Fred Rogers and Arnold Palmer, his other books include "Use All The Crayons! The Colorful Guide To Simple Human Happiness," and "The Last Baby Boomer: The Story of the Ultimate Ghoul Pool," a 2016 satiric novel about the life and death of the last baby boomer (winner of the '17 TINARA Award for best satire).