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Everyday Magnetic Button-Down for Men

Magnetic Button-Down | Joe & Bella

Introducing the Men’s Everyday Magnetic Button-Down – the sleekest magnetic shirt – ever. As a team, we’re thrilled to share this innovative product with you. Designed to make getting dressed easier and more comfortable for those who experience any discomfort or difficulty getting dressed. This shirt will be a particular help to anyone living with dressing restrictions due to their hands, upper extremity reduced vision, or cognitive changes. The Men’s Everyday Magnetic Button-Down is more than just a shirt – it’s a game-changer.

Joe & Bella’s Newest Product

Adaptive Shirt For Seniors | Joe & Bella

Our CEO, Jimmy Zollo, is excited about the impact this shirt will have on people’s lives. “We designed this magnetic button up with Universal Design in mind. It’s not only about making dressing easier for those who already require dressing assistance,” said Zollo. “This shirt will be a huge help for assisted dressers. But it will also be an enormous resource for independent dressers who are seeking easier solutions in order to remain independent. For many, this shirt might be the key to staying at home longer without Caregiver assistance. For others, it might be the one thing they need to build enough confidence to leave the home and be social.” 

We want our customers to feel confident, comfortable, and stylish in our products, regardless of their individual needs. “We’re proud to add this shirt to the Joe & Bella line,” said Zollo.

Cara Sumpton, who designed The Men’s Everyday Magnetic Button Down, worked tirelessly to create a shirt that was not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. “We didn’t want to compromise on style just because the shirt had adaptive features. We wanted it to look and feel like a traditional button-down while still being easy to use. We’re proud of what we’ve created.”

Key Features: Magnetic Everyday Button-Down

Men'S Magnetic Everyday Button-Down Adaptive Shirt | Joe & Bella

The Men’s Everyday Magnetic Button-Down is available in two classic colors: white with navy check and navy with white check. The performance stretch fabric provides added comfort and flexibility, while the dropped and enlarged armholes, stretchy fabric on cuffs, and stretch fabric between shoulders make it easier to put on and take off the shirt.

But what really sets this shirt apart is the discrete magnetic front closure. While it looks like a traditional button down with front buttons sewn in, behind an additional piece of fabric are magnets, positioned behind each button. “It’s a small but mighty feature,” says Jimmy. “The magnets are strong enough to keep the shirt closed but easy enough to use with one hand. We wanted to make dressing a breeze for our customers, and the magnetic closure is a game-changer.”

Magnetic Shirt For Men | Joe & Bella

And for those concerned about washing instructions, the Men’s Everyday Magnetic Button-Down is machine washable, making it a practical addition to anyone’s Wardrobe.

At Joe & Bella, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality clothing that makes them feel confident and comfortable. No one should have to sacrifice on their clothing choices because of their individual abilities. The Men’s Everyday Magnetic Button-Down is just one example of how we’re striving to create inclusive products for all. We invite you to try it for yourself and experience the ease and convenience of this revolutionary shirt.

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Ben Graham Joe & Bella VP of Marketing

Ben Graham is the Vice President of Marketing at Joe & Bella, an adaptive-apparel company for older adults that focuses on creating innovative and fashionable apparel. Joe & Bella was recently awarded the “Most Innovative Older Adult Clothing Brand: 2022” by Global Health and “2022 Best New Apparel Brand” by Boomer Venture Summit. Joe & Bella’s first adaptive clothing line, CareZips, won the 2022 "Best New Product”award by Today’s Caregiver Magazine and Ben was previously Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at Collaborata, an innovative marketing-research firm that brought corporate partners together to find solutions to business problems. Collaborata focuses on topics including caregiving, aging, diversity, and equity with clients such as AARP, Procter & Gamble, Bank of America, Target, and Nike. Ben spent many years, together with his family, providing care for his two grandparents who lived for nearly a decade in assisted living and memory care.

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