Conscious Deliberate Manifestation Series, Part 2 of 4, Secrets about Time & the Mind

By Tim Zimmerman

One of the additional mistakes that many, even coaches, make in regards to correct thinking, & speaking in creating affirmations for Conscious Deliberate Manifestation is in regards to time.

The only time for the subconscious and unconscious mind is NOW – the Here and Now. The past is an illusion because it refrains from happening right now in the Here and Now. The future is an illusion because it has refrained from happening in the Here and Now.

Before talking about correct and practical thinking, feeling (belief), speaking, and affirmations, we should really go into setting Goals and Objectives. Your goals and objectives should be positive, realistic, something you feel deeply about, and be the ideal situation put into written words – without any conflicting goals in all eight areas of your life – financial, family, professional, community, social & recreational, health, self-improvement, and spiritual.

The coaches who teach, “If your goal doesn’t scare you, it is not big enough,” are doing an injustice to their clients. One of the reasons you have refrained from attaining your goals already is because they are OUTSIDE your comfort zone and belief system.

Remember the SM3 Success Five Laws of Conscious Deliberate Manifestation: If you refrain from believing it, you are going to refrain from manifesting it and probably get frustrated, too. Then, that frustration leads to more negative thinking, manifesting as other negatives in your life. See the pattern?

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Aimmee Kodachian, a two-time global award-winner-”Inspirational Influential Global Impact,”and “Global Woman Peace Ambassador,” author of "Tears of Hope," her miraculous story is in development to be a motion picture.

During the 13-year Lebanese Civil War, Aimmee experienced a profound Miracle at the tender age of 12. This transformative event revealed her true "SOUL" purpose, igniting a fierce determination within her to overcome adversities, tragedies, and countless challenges.

Aimmee deeply believes that God saved her life many times for a reason. Despite facing significant hurdles, such as having only a fourth-grade education, severe dyslexia, and English as her third language, Aimmee persevered to fill her inner destiny.

Today, Aimmee's mission revolves around empowering humanity and elevating global consciousness through education inspiration in life transformation programs on the platform, where some of the top experts in their fields share their knowledge, wisdom, and profound insights. Through their collective efforts, Aimmee and her respected guests aim to guide others toward finding light in darkness and embracing their authentic SOUL purpose.

Furthermore, she donates 75% of her net profit from "Tears of Hope" and 100% of its Anthem to children affected by war, abuse, and dyslexia.

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