Saturday - April 13th, 2024
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Aimmee Kodachian

“Can Music Heal You?” By Stephanie Thompson
April 4th, 2024
“Can Music Heal You?” By Stephanie Thompson &Raquo; 2122

Can Music Heal You? By Stephanie Thompson I’ve spent a good many years reading different resources on the healing power of music and giving talks about what I’ve learned from those resources. As cited on , singing improves our overall mental health because it releases endorphins and increases our mental alertness, by sending more oxygen to the brain, affecting our concentration and memory. The power of music to heal doesn’t stop there. One recent study observed a group of people who sang while the other group listened to music. The group that listened to music was calmer,... Continue Reading

Empowering Humanity Magazine™ 5th Issue
April 4th, 2024
Empowering Humanity Magazine™ 5Th Issue &Raquo; Untitled Design

Coming Soon Originally Published on Continue Reading

“From “ME” to “WE” “ By Angelika Selle
April 2nd, 2024
“From “Me” To “We” “ By Angelika Selle &Raquo; 2122

From “ME” to “WE”  By Angelika Selle My heartfelt congratulations and thanks to Aimmee Kodachian for launching this excellent magazine, Empowering Humanity, which I believe is a publication whose time has come… a magazine that is needed like fresh air in our current toxic environment, to inspire, uplift, give hope and encourage souls around the globe for peace! Congratulations! As partners in and for peace, Aimmee and WFWP strive to create an environment for peace and positive change in the midst of ever-increasing conflicts and global crises. Ending the history of war and conflict and... Continue Reading

“How To Be Grateful For People You Don’t Like?” By Pragito Dove
March 31st, 2024
“How To Be Grateful For People You Don’t Like?” By Pragito Dove &Raquo; 2122

How To Be Grateful For People You Don’t Like? By Pragito Dove Gratitude is the foundation of abundance. It is the cornerstone of living a purposeful, rewarding, joy-filled life. Gratitude activates the positive law of attraction vibrations. If there are people in your life that you don’t like, the negative energy vibrations you transmit toward them drag down your positive vibes, and you end up lower down on the “vibes scale” than you want to be. For example, let’s say on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 is your highest positive vibration, and 1 will be your most negative. Even if you have high... Continue Reading

“The Water Way to Mastery” By SoFeya SahRa Joseph
March 28th, 2024
“The Water Way To Mastery” By Sofeya Sahra Joseph &Raquo; 2122

The Water Way to Mastery By SoFeya SahRa Joseph For thousands of years people intuited that when they pray over the water they drink, it becomes “holy”. Intrigued, Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto, conducted a series of experiments involving photography, demonstrating that water affected by thoughts and affirmations changes its crystalline structure. We drink water every day. Our bodies are made of up to 80% water, which means that every cell of our body is up to 80% water… and our cells are conscious — they learn and adapt! This was a revelation to me! When Masaru Emoto’s 2004 book,... Continue Reading

“Finding Peace in These Difficult Times” By Joan S. Peck
March 26th, 2024
“Finding Peace In These Difficult Times” By Joan S. Peck &Raquo; Untitled Design

Finding Peace in These Difficult Times By Joan S. Peck Not so long ago, a woman remarked that I always seemed calm and unflustered. By the tone of her voice, I thought what she meant was that I was oblivious to my surroundings, or else I would be as upset as she was about what was happening in the world today. But having lived so many years now, I understood more clearly what I had control over and what I couldn’t change. Manage Expectations You don’t have to be a recovering alcoholic or drug addict to live by the AA serenity prayer: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot... Continue Reading

“Closed Doors Build Empires” By Wilnona Marie & Jade Dee, the And I thought Ladies
March 21st, 2024
“Closed Doors Build Empires” By Wilnona Marie &Amp; Jade Dee, The And I Thought Ladies &Raquo; 2122

Closed Doors Build Empires By Wilnona Marie & Jade Dee, the And I thought Ladies Stair wells and elevator shafts are the first struc- tures in a building to be built because they need space and give the workers accessibility to the floors where they work. Scaffolds outline the cement towers so the con- struction employees may complete the building floor by floor. When the first two structures of the envisioned building are built, they are a symbol of what will be there. A place of purpose with floors, no walls, no doors. This is what our writing career was like when we started a book of poems... Continue Reading

“Drive to Thrive: Fueling Success in Business Partnerships” By Josh Carpenter
March 19th, 2024
“Drive To Thrive: Fueling Success In Business Partnerships” By Josh Carpenter &Raquo; 2122

Drive to Thrive: Fueling Success in Business Partnerships By Josh Carpenter In the world of business, partnerships are the cornerstone of growth and success. When two entities come together, it’s not merely a transactional arrangement; it’s a dynamic relationship where both parties contribute and gain value. In this article, we explore the key elements that define enduring business partnerships and the trust, respect, and communication that underpin them. Trust: The Bedrock of Success At the heart of every prosperous partnership lies trust. This isn’t just any trust; it’s trust that’s... Continue Reading

“From Symphony to Transforming History into a Screenplay: Rafaela and the Lily of the Prado” By Aimmee Kodachian
March 17th, 2024
“From Symphony To Transforming History Into A Screenplay: Rafaela And The Lily Of The Prado” By Aimmee Kodachian &Raquo; 2122

From Symphony to Transforming History into a Screenplay: “Rafaela and the Lily of the Prado” By Aimmee Kodachian Occasionally, in the vast expanse of the art world, a maestro emerges whose craft extends beyond its realm, stirring profound human emotions. Reynaldo Fernández Pavon is undeniably such a talent, seamlessly bridging the worlds of music and literature to produce both stirring symphonies and captivating stories. Though initially a music aficionado, Reynaldo was also seduced by the allure of literature. His venture into the literary universe began with “Presagios,” an acclaimed... Continue Reading

“Understanding Microbiome Health: Your Gut’s Well-being” By Heidi Mancini
March 14th, 2024
“Understanding Microbiome Health: Your Gut’s Well-Being” By Heidi Mancini &Raquo; 2122

Understanding Microbiome Health: Your Gut’s Well-being By Heidi Mancini Various diets have emerged over the years, advocating for the exclusion of certain foods. However, these elimination diets may not be as beneficial as presumed and pose risks to our well-being. They often deprive the gut of essential fiber, weakening the microbes crucial for our system’s resilience. Dietary fiber is a critical source that supports the thriving of microorganisms, aiding in the creation of beneficial compounds such as short-chain fatty acids. In contrast, diets rich in processed foods and sugars can promote... Continue Reading