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Can you come out and play?

 I was asked the other day if playing is a good idea for a hobby. I said yes, playing can be a happy hobby and a happy habit! Engaging in play can provide a number of benefits, such as reducing stress, increasing creativity and imagination, improving social skills, and promoting overall well-being. Play can take […]

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Mama Sing My Song-The Best Gift &Raquo; File 25

Mama Sing My Song-The Best Gift

Have you been wanting to give your grandchild a special gift that they will never forget? We have the answer. Why not give them a song written especially for them and about them? Recently, my first grandchild, Reagan, turned four and I learned about this amazing company called Mama Sing My Song! They write personalized […]

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April - Healthy Challenge &Raquo; File 28

April – Healthy Challenge

Our April Healthy Challenge – Stretching We are 1/4 of the way through the year now and we hope you are enjoying these healthy challenges we began at the start of the year: January – drinking more water February – eating a heart healthy diet March – working on our balance For a lot of […]

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Simple Diy Frozen Rock Art &Raquo; File 30

Simple DIY Frozen Rock Art

Frozen rock art is so simple to make with your grandchildren or children and just as much fun too! While I was looking for several fun activities and crafts to do with our grandchildren at our cabin over the cold winter days, I found this idea and borrowed it from Little Pine Learners. For those […]

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Simple Diy Holiday Soap Bottles For Gifting! &Raquo; File 34

Simple DIY Holiday Soap Bottles For Gifting!

These adorable DIY Christmas Soap bottles make for an inexpensive gift (less than $3 each) that our kids and grandkids can give to their friends, neighbors, teachers or coaches! You’ll have fun making them together and you’ll LOVE how inexpensive and adorable they are! With there being so many different ways to make these festive […]

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Easy Diy Halloween Costumes Your Grandchild Will Love. &Raquo; File

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Your Grandchild Will Love.

It’s hard to believe this Saturday is October 1st and Halloween is 34 days away! It’s time to start formulating those clever costume ideas. Of course, you can always buy a costume if you run out of time, we’ve all been there, but with a little planning you can go the homemade route this Halloween […]

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Baby Strollers, High Chairs & Car Seats: Save Or Splurge? &Raquo; File 10

Baby Strollers, High Chairs & Car Seats: Save or Splurge?

Every parent wants the best for their baby, but when it comes to making purchases, sometimes the question is whether to splurge or save. When it comes to strollers, high chairs, and car seats, you should always buy the best quality your budget can afford. Here’s why: It’s all about safety! With strollers, you want […]

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