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101 Of The Silliest Warning Labels &Raquo; 101 Of The Silliest Warning Labels 1024X560 1

101 of the Silliest Warning Labels

My last post was how to protect yourself from text message scams and I thought for today I’d add a little humor. I stumbled across a book that contained 101 of the stupidest or silliest warning labels with the perfect title: Remove Child Before Folding: The 101 Stupidest, Silliest, and Wackiest Warning Labels Ever. Unfortunately, […]

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Are You Getting Scam Text Messages? &Raquo; Text Scam Alert 1024X536 1

Are you Getting Scam Text Messages?

Have you ever received a text message that you know was not for you? It might look something like: “Helen, are we still on for lunch?” “I show your phone number in my phone, but don’t know who you are. Who are you?” “Robert, where are we meeting today?” Or simply “Hi” If you wondered […]

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If You’re In Sales – Find Your People… &Raquo; If You Are In Sales 1024X536 1

If You’re in Sales – Find Your People…

I have a friend, Chellie Campbell, and in one of her emails she wrote about working with “your people” and to not be concerned about people that don’t want to work with you. It’s just that they’re not “your people.” She spoke about a seminar leader who beautifully demonstrated this approach: He said to each […]

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It Depends On Where You Land… &Raquo; It Depends Where You Land 1024X536 1

It Depends on Where You Land…

When my wife would hear a story, or see something on the news, about how in some other part of the world, or even in America, people struggle financially, or with education or crime, she would often say, “It depends on where you land how your life can turn out.” I read a review of […]

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Why A Pre-Nup Is For Everyone… &Raquo; Why A Pre Nup Is For Everyone 1024X536 1

Why a Pre-nup is for Everyone…

If you have any plans to marry, or your kids or grandchildren are planning to marry, consider a prenuptial agreement (pre-nup) as one of the first steps you or they should take. A prenuptial agreement is not just for the wealthy and here’s why. A prenuptial agreement provides: 1) Peace of Mind Whether it’s the […]

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Roi Versus Roh &Raquo; Roi Vs Roh 1024X536 1

ROI versus ROH

My son is so great, he remembers conversations we had years ago and finds something that reminds him of that. For example, he just sent to me an X (Twitter) post on ROH. You are likely already familiar with the term ROI (Return On Investment) when you need to get a certain, or desired, return […]

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How You Can Spot Email Scams &Raquo; How You Can Spot Email Scams 1024X536 1

How You Can Spot Email Scams

Recently I took a look at all the email subject lines that came into my spam folder and noticed some similarities. Below are some scam words/phrases to watch out for. These emails all arrived in my inbox in just one day: Famed analyst suggests… This seemingly unstoppable trend will make you rich… Many powerful people… […]

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Do You Know What Impacts Your Credit Score? &Raquo; What Impacts Your Credit Score 1024X536 1

Do You Know What Impacts Your Credit Score?

One of the services that monitors my credit is with US Bank. While I don’t pay a lot of attention to it because my score is always above 800, I decided to look more closely one day. And I found this handy chart that describes what a credit bureau looks at in determining the credit […]

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Hamas And Your Money &Raquo; Hamas And Your Money 1024X536 1

Hamas and Your Money

You ought to be wondering what is going on between Hamas and Israel has to do with your money. Right? When we are young, like 3-8 years of age, we believe what we are told. We have no filters to block lies. We have no critical thinking skills. What we are told, we believe. I […]

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Using Your Skills To Put Some Cash In Your Pocket &Raquo; Put Some Cash In Your Pocket 1024X536 1

Using Your Skills to Put Some Cash in Your Pocket

Sometimes people react oddly when I tell them I am too insecure to have a job. They think having a job creates security. The idea of being dependent on 100% of my income coming from one source, like a job, scares me. If I get laid off, fired, or the business fails, or merges with […]

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