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My thoughts on democracy in our country on its 248th birthday

It was almost comical when – on Dr. Phil’s program trashing cancel culture that included support for antivaxxers – at the end of the program, Dr. Phil and his wife suggested that people “talk to each other” in a divided America. America isn’t a divided country. What’s happening is that the far right is trying […]

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Top Consumer And Personal Finance Stories Of 2022 &Raquo; 6A00E550081576883402Af148B3E73200C 320Wi

Top consumer and personal finance stories of 2022

It’s time for my annual article on the top consumer and personal finance articles of the year. As usual, there aren’t many reporters covering this important topic. However, in addition to the best news, health, political, and science stories of the year, there’s a new category: the top climate change stories. Of course, climate change […]

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It’s Election Day: Be Sure And Vote &Raquo; 6A00E550081576883402Af1C8Eed5C200D 320Wi

It’s Election Day: Be sure and vote

Elections are so important for our American democracy. It will be interesting to see what citizens choose today. Will we have a continuation of life as we know it? Or, will the nation turn even further to the Right, giving more and more power to American corporations? Regardless of the outcome, I’ll be here writing […]

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Be Sure And Vote In The Midterm Elections Nov. 8 &Raquo; 6A00E550081576883402Af14834355200C 320Wi

Be sure and vote in the midterm elections Nov. 8

On Thursday, I put my ballot in a nearby drop box. Fortunately, there weren’t any Right-wing election deniers with guns standing nearby as has been reported in some areas of the country. It’s really important for people to vote in the upcoming election. Right-wing fanatics are on the ballot in every state including running for […]

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Bloggers Scrutinize Aging, Politics, And Halloween &Raquo; 6A00E550081576883402Ae7B07Cd20200B 320Wi

Bloggers scrutinize aging, politics, and Halloween

Getting older in America is a challenge many ways. And, it seems that the older I get, the more ageism I face, especially from the medical community. My blogger friends are thinking and writing about aging, too. Here are their thoughts on the topic: Aging Aging is no territory for sissies. The senior years can […]

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