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Dementia Society of America

Bbn | Vol 1 Issue 1 | Better Brain Research™ &Raquo; File 3

BBN | Vol 1 Issue 1 | Better Brain Research™

A study of Fruit flies has uncovered new insights into the brain’s sense of direction and how regions of the brain communicate to help us find our way.   Researchers have discovered that people living with aphasia have more trouble coming up with words when they’re prompted by images and words that carry negative emotional […]

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Bbn | Vol 1 Issue 1 | Nun Study Reveals Secrets &Raquo; File 3 1

BBN | Vol 1 Issue 1 | Nun Study Reveals Secrets

Unlocking brain health and resilience.   Remarkable discoveries have been unfolding among the congregation of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. This unique exploration into the lives of these dedicated women has provided valuable insights into the mysteries of brain health and cognitive resilience. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of the Nun Study and […]

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Ditch The Bedroom Tv &Raquo; File 5

Ditch The Bedroom TV

Falling asleep and staying asleep are incredibly important for brain health and cognitive function. Sleep may be affected by specific causes of Dementia, but in addition, some studies show that poor sleep might actually contribute to the development of a Dementia. Many people struggle with getting adequate sleep due to various factors, including stress, activity […]

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Dementia May Affect Motor Skills &Raquo; File 14

Dementia May Affect Motor Skills

There is accumulating evidence that dementia has a long preclinical phase that may begin years or even decades before a clinical diagnosis.1 In addition, data indicating the preclinical signs of dementia and declines in memory and other cognitive skills also include motor skill difficulties. It’s difficult to tease out regular age-related changes in coordination and […]

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