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Hope, Control, And Letting Go &Raquo; Notes To Self By Mark Obrien

Hope, Control, and Letting Go

On April 23rd, I’ll be leading a discussion in Salon 360˚. The title of the session will be the same as the title of this post. Inspired by some of my recent experiences with a longtime friend, the discussion has ties to the Herman Melville short story, “Bartleby the Scrivener”; to Unsheltered: Voices from the […]

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Teaching a Cat to Bark…And Other Life Goals

Have you ever taught a cat to bark? It’s a very involved process. You will spend weeks, months, and years diligently repeating your instructions to the cat, “I need you to bark.” You may even demonstrate to your feline companion the exact sound you desire them to produce. Morning, noon, and night you will drill […]

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