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Bernie Borges

The New Midlife Crisis: Why Millennials Face It Sooner &Raquo; Reserve Your Spot Report

The New Midlife Crisis: Why Millennials Face It Sooner

As much as I don’t like it, the most popular topic about midlife is midlife crisis. I don’t like this topic because it’s mostly negative, and I’m all about thriving. If you’ve been listening to the Midlife Fulfilled podcast you know that my tag line for the podcast is “this is the show for men […]

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Your Desire To Thrive In Midlife Is Fueled By Fulfillment &Raquo; Midlife Fulfillment Survey 728X90 1

Your Desire to Thrive in Midlife is Fueled by Fulfillment

One of the top two questions I am often asked is what is the meaning of fulfillment. That’s why I’m dedicating this post to the topic. I have learned that the meaning of fulfillment is not universally understood.  I dedicated episode 182 to this topic: The following is my definition of fulfillment, and then I’ll […]

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Fitness For Task Is The Secret To Good Health And Longevity &Raquo; 2022 State Of Fullfillment Physical Fitness

Fitness for Task is The Secret to Good Health and Longevity

As your host on the Midlife Fulfilled podcast, I am deeply committed to bringing you stories from people who can impact your life. My conversation with Allan Misner in episode 172 brings to light a message that resonates deeply with me: the imperative of investing in fitness for long term health.  It all started for […]

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Thrive By Mastering The Five Pillars Of A Fulfilling Midlife &Raquo; Midlife Fulfillment Survey 728X90 1

Thrive by Mastering the Five Pillars of a Fulfilling Midlife

The most common questions I hear from listeners of the Midlife Fulfilled podcast are about the five pillars. I’ll paraphrase these common questions into one: “Why are these five pillars considered to be all encompassing in our midlife?”  I have a short answer and a long answer to this question. The TLDR (too long, didn’t […]

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Laughter Is The Anecdote To A Midlife Crisis &Raquo; 1F609

Laughter is the Anecdote to a Midlife Crisis

I love to laugh. My problem is that I don’t create enough opportunities to laugh. I have a hunch I’m not alone in this conundrum. Intuitively I know that laughter is good for me. So, I dug into this to identify the health reasons that laughter is good for us in midlife. As you read […]

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2024 Is The Year To Reinvent Your Midlife Career After 40 &Raquo; Reboot Blog Post Cta 4

2024 is The Year to Reinvent Your Midlife Career After 40

If 2024 is a year of midlife career change and you’re a little apprehensive about it, I’ve got your back. In this post, I’ll reveal encouraging insights that should help you ring in the new year with optimism and excitement about your career, whether you’re reading this in January or July.  Let’s begin with this […]

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How To Overcome The Challenges Of The Big Squeeze In Middle Age &Raquo; Reboot Blog Post Cta 3

How to Overcome the Challenges of the Big Squeeze in Middle Age

The term “big squeeze” describes a common challenge faced by many individuals in middle age. This phase, typically encompassing the ages of 40 to 60, often involves juggling responsibilities towards both aging parents and dependent children. This multifaceted pressure can manifest in various forms, impacting your time, finances, emotional well-being and even some of your […]

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The Inspired Leadership Initiative At Notre Dame Is A Force For Good &Raquo; Bernie And Tom 1 1600X900 1

The Inspired Leadership Initiative at Notre Dame is a Force for Good

I recently had the privilege of speaking and attending the Inspired Leadership Initiative Annual Speaker Series event held at the University of Notre Dame. If you’re not familiar with the Inspired Leadership Initiative (ILI), it is a premier “oncore education” program for people who have completed a core career and seek to discover, discern, and […]

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Will Ai Take My Job – Dispelling Misconceptions &Raquo; Reboot Blog Post Cta 5

Will AI Take My Job – Dispelling Misconceptions

If there is one thing true of our careers, midlife professionals, it is that you are the vanguards of experience, expertise, and wisdom. You’ve journeyed through decades of training, dedication to a profession, conquering challenges, and achieving remarkable milestones.  But now, a new wave of transformation is upon us, promising to revolutionize our professional lives—Artificial […]

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