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  1. Is Social Security Running Out Of Money? Drew Blackston, Certified Retirement Counselor® 15:59

Is Social Security Running out of Money? || Social Security Benefits Explained || Retirement Income

In this podcast I want to discuss the new forecast showing Social Security running out of money in 2033. This is an update to last years Social Security forecast that showed Social Security running out in 2034. Here are some quick highlights from the podcast:

-Primary Social Security fund for Retired Individuals will run out in 2033. 

-Social Security is expected to pay out more Retirement income to retired individuals than it takes collects in 2021.  

-Old Age & Survivors Insurance Trust fund which provides Retirement Income to retired social security claiming individual’s will from out in 2033, Medicare in 2026.  

-Tax Revenue will only cover 76% of social security benefits after 2033. 

-Higher inflation and Social Security COLA increase in 2022 will also deplete Social Security faster than expected. 

-Retirement Income should be protected with tactical Retirement investment and Retirement income planning.

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Pearl Wealth Group Drew Blackston, CRC® & RFC® 

Office: 813-807-5060

**Please make sure you talk with your CPA, Financial Advisor, Retirement Planner, or Investment Advisor Representative, before implementing any content from this channel. Please call me at 813-807-5060 to go through your Retirement Income, Retirement Investments, or Retirement Plan in more detail.**

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Drew is a registered Investment Adviser Representative and has earned the certifications of Certified Retirement Counselor®, Registered Financial Consultant®, licensed insurance agent and notary public for the state of Florida.

Originally from Kentucky, Drew moved to Florida for college and has worked in the financial services industry since graduating from the University of South Florida in 2009 with a bachelor's degree in business administration. He began his career focusing on market research, analysis and financial strategies and gained valuable experience in asset preservation and retirement planning.

Drew, along with his wife, Valerie, founded Pearl Wealth Group with a desire to help individuals and families with their retirement and financial dreams. Drew hosts the “Your Financial EKG” weekly podcast and YouTube channel and has created and trademarked his proprietary retirement process called the “Retirement EKG.” Drew has been published in Kiplinger Investment Magazine, featured in Forbes and been a financial guest on Spectrum News.

Drew resides in Tampa with his wife, two daughters, one son and two lovable dogs. Away from the office, he enjoys spending time with his family and taking them to the many beaches in the Tampa Bay area. Drew is also a huge fan of baseball and the Kentucky Wildcats.

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