1. Charles Brecque on His Journey to Empower Business Users with Legislate Anika Jackson 28:06

Charles Brecque is the founder of Legislate, a platform that empowers business users to create lawyer-approved contracts without legal involvement. He has a background in engineering and business development, and is passionate about solving the problem of long contract negotiation times.

Charles Breque was an engineer and business developer who was constantly frustrated by the delays caused by legal processing. After losing contracts due to legal negotiation delays, he set out to create a platform that would empower business users to create lawyer-approved contracts without getting legal involved. Brecque knew that he lacked the legal and technical skills to reach his goal, but he was determined to solve the problem. He was motivated by the knowledge that his platform could save businesses billions of dollars. With hard work, dedication and the help of his team, Brecque was able to make his vision a reality.

Here's what I cover with Charles Brecque in this episode:
1. How Charles Brecque overcame the challenge of losing contracts due to legal delays.
2. How Legislate is empowering business users to create lawyer-approved contracts.
3. How Charles Brecque raised funding for his startup using angel investors and venture capital.

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Anika Jackson Creative Strategist, Podcaster

Anika is a mother, community volunteer, philanthropist, marketing and communications strategist and podcast host. As a marcom executive, she has done it all including experiential marketing/ event production, launch marketing, public relations, digital, and influencer throughout her multiple decade career.

She is a member of the Quickbooks Small Business Council, as well as on the Advisory Board for the Women in Leadership program for UCSB’s PaCE; advisor for Junior League of Los Angeles’ 2022 – 2023 President; Co-founder and board member of Learn Grow Lead; and Ballona Wetlands Philanthropy Chair for National Charity League’s Pier Chapter.

In Anika’s newest role, she is an adjunct professor at USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, teaching graduate students in both the Masters of Public Relations and Advertising as well as the Masters of Digital Media Management programs.