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May 14th, 2024

From Cocktails to Content: Navigating Career Shifts in the Remote World (Best Of)

  1. From Cocktails to Content: Navigating Career Shifts in the Remote World (Best Of) 33:28

As we wind down season two of the Work From Home Forever podcast for the summer, we will bring you some of our favorite episodes from seasons one and two.

In this Best Of episode, we want to replay our original episode with Maria Healey. Maria has a great story about how the pandemic forced her to rethink priorities and how she sought out remote work and is thriving in a fully remote environment.
Maria Healey shares her journey from being a stay-at-home mom to working in various industries, including gaming and employment law, before finding success in remote work.

Maria discusses her background, including her experience in the gaming industry and her transition to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She emphasizes the importance of flexibility and networking in finding remote opportunities, highlighting her use of platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

As an “ex-introvert,” Maria shares how she pushed herself outside her comfort zone by taking on roles like a bartender to improve her social skills. She emphasizes the significance of building relationships with team members through one-on-one meetings, even in a remote setting, to foster a strong team environment.

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Don is a serial podcaster and currently the producer and host of Work From Home Forever, a podcast highlighting remote employees and their engaging stories of furthering their careers and maintaining work/life balance. Don discovered his love for audio content creation in the 80's, when he and his brother would pretend they were DJ's and record voiceovers on cassette tapes. This passion was later reignited when he and his son created The Middle School Mind, a podcast to discuss a middle schoolers' perspective on the adolescent years.

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